LL Bean, Lands’ End, Gap, and Nautica Quality Coat Challenge

Whether I like it or not, winter is coming. UGHHH. I hate winter. I hate the wind, the snow, the lack of sunshine, the sleet, the cold, the cold, and oh yes, the cold.

So as a Nebraskan, a good winter coat is pretty important. You can’t set food outside without a heavy duty coat, so finding just the right one is cruical. It’s gotta be warm, functional, easy to use, and it’s gotta look good. So I’m taking the legwork out of your coat shopping trip and giving four top brands a test run! Cut me some slack on the photos. I have no makeup on in these shots! We were raking the yard when I decided to have a coat photo shoot :).

The Coats

Have you heard of a little brand called Nautica? How about Lands’ End? LL Bean? The Gap? Yup. They all make great stuff! But how do their coats stand up to the test of a nasty Nebraska day? I gave them a good run. Here’s what I found out!

Lands’ End, $179.50

This coat is AWESOME. Why? Lemme tell you. The first thing I noticed when I put it on were the soft, microfleece-y inner cuffs. I’d never seen this feature before, and it is genius! So there’s really two cuffs — the outer “puffy” coat cuff, and the inner soft, warm cuff. The pockets are lined with the same warm fluffy material so your hands can be nice and toasty. The fur on the hood and collar isn’t my absolute fave, but man, it makes this coat WARM. The hood is detachable via snaps, which I love for durability. The metal zipper is covered by a flap that is closed with snaps, which is cool. It gives it a seamless kind of look. I like the length, too. It keeps me nice and warm!

Overall, I’d give this coat a strong 9 out of 10 stars. I wish it wasn’t black, but that’s being nitpicky. This coat is sweet!

LL Bean, $179.99

The LL Bean has a look unlike the others. I think they were going for a military jacket look, but I’m still not too sure how I like it. The belt is kind of annoying in that if I want to just have an open coat on, I’d still have a belt going across the middle. But this review is about quality! The coat also has the neat inner cuffs like the Lands’ End, which is awesome, but they’re not as soft and warm. Still, it’s better than not having any inner cuffs or warm pocket linings at all! The hood has fur along the perimeter, and though I’m not a huge fan of the look of fur, it’s good for keeping the wind off of your face! The hood is detachable via zipper. This coat will keep you warm well enough, but I can’t quite put my finger on why I’m not a huge fan.

Overall, I’d give this coat a 6 out of 10 stars. It will do the job!

Nautica, $199.00

This coat instantly caught my eye with it’s ivory color. I hate the dark colors of winter, so this was a refreshing change. I put it on, and it instantly felt really substantial without being overly-fluffy, y’know? It’s got pockets coming out the wazoo, too. Two chest pockets, and FOUR hand pockets. The hood on this bad boy is impressive. See the warm fuzzy lining on the collar? That goes ALL THE WAY through the interior of the hood. Warm ears, ahoy! This coat doesn’t have the inner cuffs, and it would be absolutely perfect if it did. It also has a bungee hidden inside around the waist that you can tighten to kind of give yourself some shape and/or keep you warm. But let’s be honest, we all want to give the illusion of a waist. The hood is detachable via zipper.

Overall, I’d give this coat a 9 out of 10 stars. I wish it had those inner cuffs!!

The Gap, $99.00

As the least expensive of the set, there’s a few things you just wont get with this coat, a hood being the most obvious. Though this coat is hoodless, it does keep you warm! The insulation is polyester as opposed to goose down, but it is warm nonetheless. The main pro of this coat is the cuffs. Though it doesn’t have the inner warm cuffs, it does have elasticized cuffs. This is key for shoveling snow, or building snowmen! No snow will get into these sleeves! It hits right at your hips, so it’s not as long as the others. It’s still a great coat, though, and it’s nice and warm!

Overall, I’d give this coat a 5 out of 10 stars. It’s average, and it keeps you warm, but if you’re looking for a coat with all the bells and whistles, this isn’t it.

The Winner

Nautica, with Lands’ End coming in an extremely close second! I love all of these coats, but these two are my faves.

Which one is your favorite? What can you see yourself wearing?

The Quality Coat Review was a blind review. In order to give my unbiased opinions, I am unaware of the company that sponsored the effort. While the opinions are my own, I am being compensated through Mom Spark Media for my time.


  1. Maia G says

    My family only wears Lands End because they are top-notch! I have a coat and set of boots that have been passed through 4 kids over the past 8 years and they still look brand new! I have no idea how that can even happen when two of those kids were “rough ‘n rowdy” boys.
    In high school I didn’t think Lands End looked “cool” enough, so I bought a $250 Abercrombie coat. That thing was made so poorly and only lasted half a winter, not to mention they stuffed a white coat with BLACK feathers that showed through! I certainly learned my lesson and will never buy any other brands.

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