Sweet’n Tots Custom Cupcake Toppers Review and Giveaway

Amy Hayden is a mom, student, educator, and fabulous friend! She is mother to Brody, 2, and wife to Joe. She moonlights as a reviewer for Freckleberry Finds, and teaches high school for her day job.

If you’re like me, you have visions of doing everything you can to make your child’s birthday party perfect, with lovingly homemade touches. In reality, I end up frazzled and rushed and sometimes the last thing I am able to do is create bakery-quality cupcakes for a party. I love to bake, but simply cannot always execute my ideas with the pressure of a party looming over me. I was so excited to read about Sweet’n Tots, a site where you can design custom images to be used for stationary, tags, stickers, and most importantly, cupcake toppers!

Sweet’n Tots are custom illustrations designed to look just like your little ones. You can build your own Sweet’n Tot by selecting features to match your child: gender, age, skin tone, hair color and style, eye color and shape, facial expressions, etc.  You can add a border, your child’s name or even add accessories to your Sweet’n Tot to match your child’s personality or celebrate a special occasion.  The high resolution digital image is sent to the customer where the DIY crafter can use it for many projects or have Sweet’n Tots create the products for you.

I had fun choosing the different features, and finally settled on two images of my son, one with a baseball hat and one without. I received an email with the proofs and decided I had to have both images, they were just so cute! The toppers looked like little stickers when they arrived.

The directions that accompanied the toppers were super easy to follow.

Make sure your cake, cupcakes or cookies are cool. If you are using cupcakes, remove the round top so you have a flat surface. Any type of icing will work (buttercream, fondant, royal icing, or store bought frosting). Apply icing to your treat and smooth it to create a flat surface. If your cookies are already iced and dry, you can slightly moisten the top before applying the topper. Remove the protective backing from the topper. With clean, dry hands gently place the decal on top of the frosting. Gently pat down and smooth the topper from the center outwards.”

And that’s IT! Even in a hurry, I wouldn’t be able to mess this up. The end result was adorable!

I found that after 30 minutes or so the toppers absorbed some of the icing’s moisture and became one with the icing, so you couldn’t even see that I placed something on top of the cupcake.  If you’re worried about what these are made of, rest assured! Check out what I found on Sweet’n Tots website:

We are aware of food and dye allergies and we are happy to say that all of our toppers contain no allergens and are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Kosher Certified. Each topper contains 0 calories and only 1g Carbohydrate.”

My son truly enjoyed these, and was in fact convinced it was his birthday since HE was on the cupcakes. (I assured him I gave birth in February; there was no mix up about his birthday.) He was happy regardless! For birthday cupcakes you could have the toppers say “Happy Birthday!” or “Brody is 3!”. You can see how you can build your own personalized Sweet’n Tot here. It’s so much fun!

Brody wanted to add sprinkles- the only ones we had were Halloween, but they turned out really cute. For a party I would use theme colors to match decorations; such a fun easy way to have professional looking treats!

You can purchase Sweet’n Tots cupcake toppers for around $12.50 per dozen, or one lucky winner will win a $25 gift certificate to www.sweetntots.com !

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