Caillou Prize Pack Review and Giveaway – $90 value!

I don’t know about you, but some of the shows my kids watch make me want to go nuts. The overexcited yelling, flashing neon colors, and high-octane nonstop noise gets really, really old. I can’t imagine the kids like it all that much, either. Who wants to be berated by a TV show?!

That’s why I really love Caillou. The show itself is really great — teaches lessons, sharing, and how to be a friend — but without all of the flashy seizure inducing theatrics. It’s chill and engaging without being over the top. Even better? It’s on PBS, so it’s commercial free. I don’t have to hear the “I want that!” chorus at each commercial break. Hallelujah.

Caillou has a focus on using his imagination to enhance the world around him. So it’s only fitting that the Caillou line of toys do just that — encourage your child to use his or her imagination! None of the Caillou toys run on batteries, which makes me incredibly happy as a mom. A) No batteries to buy, B) My kids are led to be creative with the toys and to make up storylines, scenarios, and situations that use their imagination!

The Caillou Doll (ARV $$34.99) quickly became my 4 year old’s favorite. She loved to bring Caillou with her wherever she went. She shared her food, put him down for naps, and snuggled on the couch with him.

The Caillou Fireman Playset (ARV $19.99)was an instant hit with my 2 year old son! It’s a great portable toy that he can easily take with him from room to room. I love that it folds up and straightens up nicely.

My youngest, Maisy, loves the Caillou Learning Train (ARV $34.99)! With its squeaky steam cloud and it’s movable shapes, she has tons of tactile manipulatives to keep her engaged and having fun! The big kids love that you can wind it up and let it take off, too!

Caillou the conductor and his mom come out of the train, too, so she can hold them and have a ball with or without the Learning Train!

Want to win this Caillou Prize Pack worth $90? Enter via the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. says

    ok..seriously.. I am super excited about this and I MUST go shopping !! My grandson absolutely LOVES Caillou. I used to think he was saying “I love yiu” and then I found out that he was really saying Caillou. I got a huge laugh when I realized my mistake. (he is only 2)
    I think that he would like the Caillou Fireman Playset best.


  2. Trasina McGahey says

    This new RC is messing up. I cannot type in the extra info box to leave my Twitter name (@Trasina) and cannot like the blog post either. It says error. I entered the follow via Twitter though so I hope that was ok since I couldn’t leave my username!

  3. Samantha Harn says

    My child would love the conductor train. He loves trains and he loves this show. We watch it everyday on PBS and Sprout. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  4. Amy says

    We need that firetruck! I have to tell a bedtime story called Brody the Firefighter, exactly like the episode called Caillou the Firefighter. I NEED this stuff for B!

  5. Julie Witt says

    I clicked on like the blog post and clicked the like button, but just as I was clicking the Enter button I saw an error message. I tried to fix the error but I don’t really understand what it is, and I can’t get the like button to take. Please delete this entry since I couldn’t complete it after all. Thanks and sorry for the trouble;)

  6. Stacey says

    Seems like the train is the most popular “like” of our kids, mine included. But seriously, any Caillou would do.

  7. Diane Melendez says

    The train will be the favorite part of this set.

    Note: I am Meecee on Twitter. The widget area to give the name wasn’t working.

  8. Tiffany G says

    My 1 & 3 yr old son would love the learning train! They love Caillou and trains! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. Gail Gray says

    The fireman playset would be great, because the little one loves kitties (she calls them gatos — we don’t know where she picked up the Spanish, but we <3 it!)

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