Dental Family Plan Giveaway — $129 value!

Did I tell you about dental debacle 2012? I didn’t? Well pull up a seat, my friend, because you need to learn from my mistakes.

So Christmas of 2007, I break a molar eating a macadamia nut. Ouch. So just get it fixed, right? Nope. I’m uninsured, and we pay out of pocket for any and all of my medical bills. So it’s not hurting, and I am managing along okay, so I just never get it fixed.

Up until December 2012, I’d been fine. But now, I was in incredible, unbearable pain. I’d rather go through natural childbirth again if it meant my mouth would stop hurting. It was absolutely horrible. So finally, I go to the dentist to get it fixed. Since I waited so long, the tooth had become infected and had to come out. Had I gotten it fixed straight away, it would have easily been fixed and saved, but my lack of insurance prevented me from making that appointment. recently got in touch with me, and I am so, so happy to tell you about them. I wont go into my whole spiel about how crazy insurance is (because I’m sure you guys know, and could swap pretty gnarly horror stories!), but I want you guys to know that your health is important, and staying healthy IS affordable!

Through, people have easy access to savings at the dentist, and an easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance.

·         10% to 60% off most dental care procedures

·         Savings at 100,000+ dentists across the country

·         30+ plans to search, compare and view sample savings by ZIP code

·         Savings on cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia

·         No annual limits, health restrictions or paperwork hassles

·         Most plans activate within three business days

·         Plans start at $79.95 per year for individuals and $129.95 per year for families

So for a fairly affordable yearly fee, you can have discounts at the dentist that will save you crazy amounts of money. has a variety of dental savings plans that you can choose from to fit your needs.

Let me be the first person to tell you that you do NOT want to put off your dental health. is generously giving away one family plan of your choice to one lucky reader. That’s a $129.95 value! Enter below to win!

Disclaimer info: Plans are not available in South Dakota. California residents are not eligible for promotion. Must be 18 years or older to win a free family dental savings plan.

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  1. says

    love,love,love this giveaway!! i have type 1 diabetes and NEED my check ups and some dental work done this year!!!! my little guy also has his teeth in now and needs to go in for his check ups. with my medical costs for the diabetes, i have to miss out on my appts, so that my son can go.

  2. kimbuckjr says

    I need this dental plan REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad! I lost my job & all my medical benefits two years ago & I haven’t been able to see the dentist since I lost my coverage. I, too, have Type I Diabetes and really need to get some dental work done. I can’t afford to see my Endocrinologist, let alone my dentist. I hate living BELOW the poverty level. How can anyone in the USA live so poorly, you know? I thought we were suppose to be the ‘richest’ country in the world. Life just has to get better. It just has to, right?
    Thank you SO MUCH for this giveaway! I really hope I win. I need this real bad. I also need a giveaway for Health Care, hint…hint…?

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