FunBites Review and Giveaway

If you have kids, you know that meal time often means cutting up food into bite sized pieces so that your little one can eat efficiently and safely. It doesn’t seem like a big task, but throw in a couple of kids that are wailing for their PB&J and you’re in for it!

Now, there’s FunBites! FunBites works like a cookie cutter of sorts, only it has bite sized pieces perfect for little hands! You can use FunBites on pretty much any food you can imagine. Sandwiches, fruits, omelettes, grilled cheese, pizza, toast, etc. Really, any food that you would normally cut up would be easily cut with the FunBites!

Using the FunBites is really simple. Just put your food onto a plate, center the FunBites over it, and rock and roll side to side. Now, grab the insert and push it through, thus popping your food out of the FunBites. Ta da! Done!

Super quick, super easy. I used the FunBites on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (mostly because that’s our lunchtime staple). I will say that I prefer the CubeIt model, simply because it cuts uniform pieces and there’s less “squirtage” of the jelly ;).

Want to buy a FunBites? You can pick up either the CubeIt or LoveIt FunBites for $12.99 each, or buy both for $19.99! And you can use the code FanJan2012 for free shipping in the US! Canadians, use code FanJan2012Can :).

Want to win your choice of CubeIt or LoveIt FunBites? Enter below!

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  1. says

    Thanks – I also posted this on the baby giveaway linky at Her Baby Stuff :-) If you have any other baby product giveaways we’d be happy to promote them on our win baby stuff page/linky :)

  2. Bridget Burmeister says

    That would be sooo awesome with toddlers underfoot!! I like the CubeIt because the genders would both be ok with it. :) Although the other one is way cute too!!

  3. Nee Brown says

    I’d pick the CubeIt one, seems a lot less messy & you don’t have the kid complaining about one bite being bigger than the next.

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