How to get Weight Watchers for free. Really!

Weight Watchers for Free

I have done a few different eating plans in order to lose weight. The only thing that holds a lot of people back is the money needed to participate in programs like Weight Watchers. I knew that there had to be resources online that I could utilize, so I went out in search of them! Now, I’m sharing the tools that I found.

I do not claim ownership of any of the calculator links. I cannot vouch for their accuracy. These are simply links and tools that I have found, and I’m passing the information along to you. If you want to follow Weight Watchers, please visit a center to gain more information. 

*NOTE: Be smart, guys. Get cleared by your doc first to make sure you are a-okay to set out on a weight loss journey. I ain’t an MD, so this is just informative!

How many Points Plus can I eat in a day?

Start off by finding out how many Points Plus are you are allowed in a day by using this online calculator. You enter your current age, weight, and height into this calculator, not your goal weight. There is a minimum and maximum points allowance. The minimum is 26 with the max set at 71. Recalculate your points plus as you lose weight — probably every 5-10 pounds or so. Also, each time you have a birthday, recalculate! You get less Points Plus as you get older.

What if I’m breastfeeding? Like the calculator says, you will add 14 points for full time breastfeeding, 7 for part time.

How do I know how many Points Plus are in foods?

You’ll need to know how to calculate the Points Plus value of foods. Here is a calculator where you’ll enter the protein, carbs, fat, and fiber of your food. Everything you eat has a value — here’s how you figure it out!

What if my food doesn’t have a label (like produce)?

Well first, fruits and veggies are all 0 points plus! Freebies! You can eat them until you are SATISFIED. But if you find a food that you don’t have a label to go off of, I’ve found great luck in searching for the food on My Fitness Pal, then calculating the Points Plus based on the nutritional information that MFP gives me.

…but what do I eat?

The Weight Watchers Points Plus plan calls for you to follow the Good Health Guidelines that are listed below.

Good Health GuidelinesSource

Extra Weekly Points Plus Allowance

Each week, you get 49 extra Points Plus. This resets each week, and are there as a cushion. Don’t use them if you don’t have to!!! I don’t use them if I can help it. If you need to go over and know that you’ll be eating more than your daily Points Plus allowance, then use your activity points!

Activity Points

Anyone wanting to lose weight knows that being active is a huge part of getting fit. You can earn extra Points Plus by exercising! Use this calculator to determine how many Points Plus you’ve earned on your walk, swim, jog, dance, or whatever activity you do! You can either eat these points or not — it’s up to you! I recommend that if you’re going to go over points, that you earn a few back by doing some exercise before you dip into your weekly points.

Now, stick to the plan. That’s the hard part, but I know you can do it! Use my free printable daily food log to keep yourself on track! Bite it, write it!

Old Weight Watchers Plan

Want to follow the old plan? Here’s how you can calculate your daily point allowance:

1. Gender:
Female- score 2
Male- score 8
A nursing mom- score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26- score 4
27-37- score 3
38-47- score 2
48-58- score 1
over 58- score 0

3. What do you weigh?
Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds.
(for example, if you weight 198, you will add 19 to your score)

4. How tall are you?
Under 5’1- score 0
5’1-5’10- score 1
Over 5’10- score 2

5. How do you spend most of your day?
Sitting down? score 0
Occasionally sitting? score 2
Walking most of the time? score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time? score 6

Add all of your scores together and that’s your daily points allowance. (via)

Restaurant Point Lists

Heading out to eat? Don’t go off plan! There’s so many things you can order that won’t break your point bank. Before going out, look up the menu online and decide what you’ll order before hand. Here is a site that lists tons of restaurants and the Point/PointsPlus values.

You can also follow my healthy recipes board on Pinterest to get meal ideas! I love to use SkinnyTaste as a springboard for my meals. Gina makes it easy since she calculates the Points Plus values for you!

You can read more posts about weight loss and my journey here.

Have you had success losing weight, no matter what the program? Share your success stories!

NOTE:  Weight Watchers is a registered trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc. Points and Points Plus are trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc. Please visit your local Weight Watchers meeting for authentic information about the plan.
This site is not affiliated with Weight Watchers International in any way, and Weight Watchers has not reviewed this site for accuracy or suitability for WW members. Information on this site for restaurant nutrition and points is based on data gathered from individual websites and not the Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion. Food Points values for restaurants and recipes and the formula used is not the exact same formula as provided by Weight Watchers.
All readers are encouraged to go to a Weight Watcher’s meeting for actual information about their plan. This site is presented under the rights of the First Amendment.


    • Elsa says

      I just wanted to say thank you so very very much for posting this information. I have lost 22 pounds in the last 2 months doing Weight Watchers for free – thanks to your information. You are a true angel. I seriously just could not (at the time) afford to join Weight Watchers in a formal way. I did join the Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans that somebody here (I think) recommended. HUGE help. My husband and I look forward to the meals each night instead of feeling like we are on a diet. And my daughter has lost some weight too – even though she isn’t doing the Weight Watchers with us.

      Again, thank you from my whole family. Your own weight loss story is very motivating!

      • bonnie romuald says

        how can somebody lose weight when there are many things I don’t like? Like I don’t like tomatos, celery, lettuce, peppers , cottage cheese ,oatmeal the list goes on. Reply please

        • says

          Hey Bonnie! I am a super, SUPER picky eater, so it can be done! Find things you love, and keep it fresh. Love burgers? Try turkey burgers! There are so many ways you can eat what you love without hating every meal. Promise.

      • LuAnn Spiers says

        You’re right. If they are raw, they are free. If they are cooked, you need to calculate what they were cooked in. Avocados are not free due to the amount of fat they contain. I can’t think of anything others, but there may be some.

  1. says

    Awesome! I had weight watchers information on their old system and was going based on that. I didn’t know they had calculators and tools for the new system out.

    Thanks for this!!

      • Amie says

        I was wondering if I can follow this plan while pregnant? And if so how do i adjust the points if needed? I gained over 50 pounds with my first daughter and havent lost it all yet, and now im pregnant. :) I just dont want to gain another 50lbs

        • Jules says

          They don’t recommend it, however I discussed it with my doctor and he said I could still follow the plan to maintain and reduce the amount of weight gain.

        • Priscilla says

          I kept it up while pregnant with Dr approval. I just added 14 points because that’s the number for breastfeeding. :)

        • says

          Why would you want to lose weight while pregnant? I wouldn’t dream of it as the baby takes everything from you, you diet, it leaves you with nothing, good way to shut some organs down :/

  2. Jackie K says

    so if I bought a points calculator in 2011 will it still calculate the food points correctly on the 2012 program? Or will I need to get a new one?
    Thanks for your help!

    • says

      You’ll need a Points Plus calculator, I believe. If you have the old program’s calculator, you can certainly use it to follow the old system. I lost 30 pounds in 2010 using the old system :).

      • joan zommers says

        Do you still have the old weight watchers program, and if so are you interested in selling it with
        the old programs calculator?

      • says

        my son lost155 lbs following the old system it works if you follow it and you can have a cheat meal once a week after getting weighed and in th morning back on track it really works

    • says

      Jackie, You CAN use a points calculator purchased in 2011. Nothing major changed in the points program from 2011 to 2012. The new calculators just have bigger buttons.

    • Jennifer Childers says

      As long as the calculator calculates using fats, carbs, fibers, & proteins. That’s the new Points Plus/ Weight Watchers 360* program. The old Points program calculated with calories, fat, & fiber. The new program takes carbs & protien into consideration to get you to make healthier, more filling choices. Also, ALL fruits are 0 points plus!

      • Jennifer Childers says

        I should have said ALL FRESH fruits are 0 points plus. Also, canned fruits in its own juice with no added sugar is 0 points plus and frozen unsweetened fruit. Not sure about the canned fruit sweetened with Splenda. I would think its 0 points plus too, but just don’t know.

  3. says

    WOW; I love this! I have always wondered about the WW point system and thought I’d love to try it, but yeah, the whole money for 3 months wasn’t going to work at the present. Thank you for this amazing resource! I’m definitely going to be trying it out for the week and see how things go!

    • says

      i joined weight watchers a couple of years ago and I can seriously say, what amber has given you is what you are paying for besides going into the meetings, stepping on a scale and listening to people whine and bitch how they haven’t lost weight because they had that piece of cake on the

  4. Deana says

    If you have a smart phone you can download the WW app or a points finder app for 2 dollars. I know it’s not free but it is definitely useful and it tracks everything you would if you joined weight watchers.

  5. says

    This is so great. Thanks! I did WW after my first child and went from a size 12 to a size 6 in 2 months! After I have my second one this June, I will be going back on WW. It works! And I am bookmarking this post, so I can find it all for free.

  6. K L Ruthrauff says

    In an ebook “59 Nutritious Crockpot Chicken Recipes, Weight Watchers Point Plus Value Included” by Betty Cook & Rosemary Green, Introduction: Weight Watchers Points Plus, PointsPlus = max {round ( ( 16xProtein) + (19xCarbohydrates) + (45xFat) – (14xFiber) divided by 175), 0}

    • Teri says

      Thank You! This is what I have been looking for. Since most restaurants post their menus with nutritional information, it is a snap to cut, paste and insert a formula. So far it works perfectly for points plus.

  7. Lori M says

    First, I would like to thank you for setting up this webpage. Second, I would like to know a little more about Points +. Also, I had heard that fruits/veggies are 0 pts. Is this correct? Is there a webpage that has a list of common foods like fruits and veggies and other things that shows the points + value??
    Thanks, Lori M

  8. Bobby Jo B says

    I have a question, I have recently lost 20 pounds on the new ww points plus without attending meetings! But I can’t find any info online about when I should recalculate my points? After how much weight loss or is it after a month? HELP!! :)

  9. Michelle says

    You need to recheck your points everytime you lose weight, so each week if needed. Then also check it once you have a birthday, as you get less points the older you are.

  10. Vanessa says

    @ Lori – most fruits and veggies are 0 points. Fruit: all fresh, frozen, or canned without added sugar. Excluded – dried fruits & juices. Veggies: most fresh, frozen, or canned without added sugar or oil. Starches (potatoes, corn, some peas) are excluded. Avocados also carry some points, but its less than the 2011 Points + system.

    @ Bobby Jo – WW actually measures your weight every week and your daily alowance tends to change with every 5-10 pounds lost. Every birthday counts against you too.

  11. madeleine says

    love love love this! my husband and i have been doing ww for about a month now and im always looking for new info on it. i did it a couple years ago and lots some weight on it but now we are just doing it at home for free. i tried clicking on your pinterest link to follow your food board but for some reason it said it couldnt be found. :(

  12. Portia says

    I am really excited, but also really scared….I have battled forever and cannot seem to stick with anything long enough (like 4 days one week at the most!!) I am hoping I can talk with people and read these posts for encouragement. I love healthy food, but I am sorry sometimes hot peanut butter cookies and ice cream are just really hard to pass up!!! Thanks for all of the info and this great site with all of the perks. I have seen results in other people and they are amazing. I am super anxious right now and hoping for a different outcome than all others!

    • Kristine says

      Don’t be scared. WW isn’t as hard as it used to be. Just plan ahead. I do the best on the weeks that I make a big pot of veggie soup (zero points). Also, have lots of good fresh fruit on hand and prep your veggies ahead for easy snacking!!

  13. sheri buschle says

    i know there is a weekly allowance for people to play around with some extra points if needed. what i don’t know is how many you are allowed. some places say its 49 pts a week for everyone, others say it varies with weight and activity level. my calculator has said 49 for both my weight loss buddy and i and she is half the weight i am. do you know which is correct?

      • Janet says

        I thought it was 35? This was from a few years ago. It may have changed since then, but I know it was a Points Plus program from WW online.

  14. Janelle says

    Awesome, thanks so much! I do have one question; I am breast feeding my 9 month old. He eats about 6 times per day and that’s not including night feedings, I’d say about 1-3 times over night. Would you consider him to be a “part time” nursling, as he eats 3-5 meals per day as well? I just think 14 extra points seems excessive, despite the fact that I personally would consider him “full time” ( though I’m not an expert and don’t have a clue as to what the specifics are with breast feeding on WW). I think I would be fine with the 7 extra, although I just switched from the old system to the new points plus this morning (lol). TIA :-)

    • says

      Hey Janelle! I’d consider that full time, personally. You really want to use all of the points allotted so as not to affect your supply. As for your point balance being the same for your current weight and your goal weight, it’s probably because they are so close together :). Good luck!

  15. Janelle says

    Oh yes! And one more thing! The points balance for my current and goal weight is the same, how can that be? My goal is only 5 pounds less than I am now, but still… TIA again!

  16. MC says

    Thank you so so much!! You just saved me a ton of work. I just finished my 3 month subscription with WW. We are getting ready to start trying for another baby and WW doesn’t let you continue if your pregnant so I figured instead of paying for another subscription and getting stuck in the middle of it, I’d just try to do it on my own. (Not while pregnant, of course.) I found their formula to figure out points but it takes a few minutes to calculate and isn’t always exact. This info is going to save me so much time! Thanks again!!

    • Cheryl says

      I have been doing ww for a while and there is some changes coming. I (and a lot of members at my meeting) think they are changing things for pregnancy. Keep an eye out for the changes.

  17. Portia says

    ok someone had a steel cut oats granola bar recipe on here….I cannot find it for the life of me. I got steel cut oats as it said the regular would be too mushy and now I cannot find the recipe!!! Hee Hee. I dont think they actually had granola in them, but you made the oats in the crock pot and then put them in a pan (wax paper lined) and baked them. Please oh Please if you know of this recipe please let me know!!!!

    thanks a whole bunch!

  18. elle says

    Ive been doing weight watchers for a couple of months now and I can confirm that the numbers I get from the links posted here are pretty darn close to the ones from weight watchers. A point is off here and there. Couple of cool things to know though are:
    – No matter what – you get 49 weekly points plus allowance
    – Activity points can earn you more points plus to eat
    – Weigh in once a week every week at home. Do it at the same time and try to wear the same clothes…or none at all! (I guess thats the glory of doing it at home)
    – Most fruits and veges are free (ie: 0 points). Be careful of things like avacados, parsnips, potatoes, black/red/kidney beans, etc as those have points! Use your judgement I suppose.
    – Portions are a reallllly big thing. Weight it and measure it and I mean everything. Little sips and tastes can add up.

    • Portia says


      Have you lost weight on the WW program? I do not have a problem with the points idea, I just cannot get my weight to budge like everyone else can. I guess it is my being 42 or something, but I gained 20 pounds in a few months and did not do anything to encourage that and now I cannot budge it. Any advice would be appreciated

      • says

        Hey Portia! Whenever I hit a stubborn patch of weight loss, I stagger my points/calories. 135000 one day, 1600 the next, 1200 the next … it helps kind of startle your body into losing! Hope this helps :).

        • Meg says

          Sorry, what exactly do you mean by staggering calories? I’m assuming 35000 is a typo, but does that mean to eat a lot of calories one day and then restrict after?

          • says

            Hey Meg! Yep, that 35000 is totally a typo — sorry! But you’ve got it. Staggering calories has been known to help bust you out of a plateau :).

      • Kristine says

        Make sure you eat enough protein. And watch the prepared “diet”, “fat-free”, and “sugar-free” foods – I’d keep those to a minimum. Keep an eye on your sodium intake too. I am 42 also and have noticed that the weight comes off slower that when I was younger. Keep working at it and you will lose the weight!! One of my friends got stuck – took her 6 months to lose 16 lbs. but then she started walking a little more and a little more and a little more and the weight fell off. The 2nd 6 months she lost 50lbs.

  19. Jill says

    I have done Weight Watchers online for 2 years and am now in maintenance. This is great information that I will pass to a friend who can’t afford the Weight Watchers online anymore. Just FYI… there is a phenomenal meal planning service that gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert every week (with PointsPlus calculated). Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans has a plan running I know most of the time for $1/month if you can’t afford the $1/week. I use it and recommended it to my friend who is cash crunched. She loves it too. Email me and I have the link to get the $1/month promo if it isn’t on her website. Website is shrinkingonabudgetmealplan dot com (not sure if I can post links here.

    • Leslie says

      Jill…. the shrinking on a budget meal plans website says the $1/month special is over. Can you give me your email address? You said you have a link for the special? $1/month sounds crazy awesome, but $1/week is a bit steep for me right now. Sample meal plan on the site looks really good though. I would hugely appreciate it if you could do that for me.

      • Jill says


        My email is jillfiredup on yahoo and I just checked. I do have a working link to that special. It is $6 for 6 months.



      • jodie says

        I am on the WW Point plus and used the calculator as well and it was off. the website has me at 33 points and the calculator you shared has me on 26 so that is about 7 points off. Im not sure if that will help anyone but I have lost 41 points in 6 months on this plan and its awesome!! I do it online and pay 18.95 a month and have loads of resources.
        Good luck to all!!

  21. Laura says

    Hi this is great! I was hoping you had something for the old weight watchers though? I tried the new system and really don’t think it works as well as the old points system. If not I may try this again:) thanks for this great link!

  22. says

    Hi, i have never done weight watcher before..but i sure wanted to so thank you for this. I am slow at understanding ..i have 34point..but i don’t get how to figure out what this is in food..can some one help me? Thank You Sue

    • Kristine says

      Most of your fruit and veggies are zero points. Then to figure out the points in food you need to know the calories, protein, fiber and carbs in the item. You put that into the Points Plus Calculator and viola you know how many points in that item. Also, you can google the item to get the nutritional info. Then if it’s an item you will eat again I would write it down in a notebook. The higher the fiber and protein the lower the points value. Hi carbs raise the points value. Hope that helps you!!

  23. Ami Bollin says

    I just found this on Pinterest, and I am sooooo happy! I was just thinking about how in the world I was going to come up with the money to join Weight Watchers. Thank you so much for doing this.

  24. Lyss says

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I hav followed WW before and was successful but this time around (after having baby #2) couldn’t afford the program, so this comes at the perfect time :)

  25. Jamie Martin says

    This is incorrect. I actually pay for the service and your calculators are significantly off. you’re misleading people.

  26. Chelsea says

    Thank u so much for this! I too am a full time breastfeeding mama of 2 and although I have lost 52lbs already w hard work and nursing, I still have about 30lbs until I am at my healthiest weight. I am hoping this program will help get m there. Thanks again! :)

  27. Geraldine says

    Can anyone tell me how to calculate the number of daily points if I am on maintenance using the 2012 plan? Thanks!

  28. Kate says

    I’m a little concerned – I am currently on WW and following your directions doesn’t add up to my daily points – it’s actually about 4 points lower than what I get. I’m concerned that this isn’t going to be enough food for people if it’s not calculating correctly. Just please be mindful of not depriving yourself.

  29. Jill says

    I just wanted to report my friend has been doing Weight Watchers simply by using tools found on this post. She just could not afford doing Weight Watchers online right now. I double checked her PointsPlus with my online tools and the PointsPlus she was given matched what the calculator said. I also pointed her in the direction of a meal plan service for $1/month that gives her breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert (all with PointsPlus) calculated. She has already lost 7 pounds. You have to sign up for a free newsletter to get the $1/month offer. It is shrinking on a budget.

  30. ausra says

    hi, question,i’ve never been on diet in my life or counting point, but after 30 i notice i started to put on weight very quickly:( i did calculate my point with your help, , now, how does this works, how do i know what food should i eat, how many point does it have?? My problem is that i realy like sweetys, and i cant stop snacking:) could you help me with that? thank you!

    • says

      Hi Ausra! My recommendation would be to check out some of the links above like SkinnyTaste and the like. There are oodles of Weight Watcher’s recipes out there — you can even eat sweets! It’s all about learning to eat in moderation and only when truly hungry. Good luck!

  31. Terresa says

    Um, I need help with the second link to calculating the points of your food. What info do you enter here? Is it food label info? If so, how do you get the points of chicken, pork, etc? I would really like to lose about 15lbs just for health reasons. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Hi Terresa! Yes, you enter the food label info into the food point calculator. For foods without a label like meats, fruit, etc., I always googled something along the lines of “chicken breast weight watcher’s pointsplus” and went with the consensus. I knew that as long as I made healthy choices, I was on plan. The points were more of a jumping off point :).

      • Terresa says

        Well, duh!!! Googling something is never my first thought!!! Guess my age is showing! Thanks for your help!

  32. says


    Does anyone have a list of all kinds of foods, their point value and serving size? I did ww along time ago and their books of food really helped.

  33. Angela says

    Does anyone have access to the charts we would use to keep track of our daily and weekly intake, also the weigh on charts?

  34. Pamela says

    Hi! Thank you so much for this info! I joined WW last year and lost 26 lbs in 5 months. I then got pregnant with my 2nd babe and had to stop. I was so looking forward to getting back on but just can’t fit it in the budget. I was VERY happy to come across this on Pinterest :) So Thank You!!! I know how it all works but needed to know the extra points for breastfeeding. I was exclusively nursing but my little lady wasn’t gaining enough so 3 weeks ago I had to start supplementing. She is still nursing pretty full time but she does get formula and has currently started on rice cereal. I am going to start with the 7 points and add the other if needed. I wanted to let those know who are looking into this that it is all pretty accurate. Ashley is right when she said it’s 90% portion control. I found when I was on the system last year and attending meetings I was still eating what I normally ate but was eating less and the weight started to come off. The other thing is MOVE MORE! Even if it’s around the block to start off…JUST MOVE! I entered my info on the link Ashley provided, it gave me 26 points. I then entered it to my calculator that was purchased Feb/11 and it gives me 29 points. But again, portion control as well as moving more, you will see a difference in the scale! Thanks again Ashley! Would you happen to have a link or something with the recipe builder. I make this killer granola and want to know how many points it will cost me! Not sure I can give it up just yet :)

  35. tyra says

    Hello. I really appreciate this page. Hopefully reading these comments will keep me encouraged. I cant afford weight watchers and I thought I could do this by myself but Im extremely inconsistant when dieting and working out.

  36. Ann says

    I had success twice with WW many years ago and would love to do it again but have a couple of questions please.I checked and my points are 39 per day but another link on here said 26 for daily target what is that? Also how do you know how many points the foods are for example a cup of mashed pot or a chicken breast etc.Thank you for any help you could provide.

  37. Brandi says

    I wanted to ask if you know of a place that has a free recipe builder that will either calculate the points plus value, or provide you with the combined nutritional info so you can then find the points plus value?

    Any info you have would be so appreciated! :)

  38. Sue says

    Thank you…Thank you….THANK YOU! I too like many of the others commenting can’t afford the extra cash to do WW at this time. I’ve signed up for other programs online but I just don’t want to mess with how many cals. I can use in a day etc…I much prefer to have a set amount of numbers to work with…easy peasy!!! Now….do you know of an app for smartphone that will allow me to figure stuff out on the go when I’m not at my computer?

    I will be back often to hopefully find encouragement and to maybe encourage others!!

    I can’t say Thanks enough!

    • says

      You’re so welcome! I don’t know of any specific apps, but I’m sure if you just search “Weight Watchers” there’s bound to be something! Best of luck! :)

    • says

      There is a website which you can access on your smartphone browser namely: which shows a very comprehensive listing of foods and associated points for the Points Plus program. I use it all the time and I think you will find it useful! Good luck!

  39. mmayline says

    Thanks for sharing as I just had my 2nd baby and cannot afford the program. I calculated my points based on the old program and it is 25. How can iI find out how much would it be now with the new program. Is this even possible at all?

    Also, if I follow the older version with the older point system, is the points for the food now the same?

  40. says

    Hey there,

    I just started last week and have not seen any changes as of yet :( question for all of you – should i not be using the Activity Points? I have been going over my daily allowance but use the extra points from exercising to go back to my allowance…

    • says

      Hey Nanu! When it comes to activity points, I wouldn’t eat them back *every* time. Occasionally, sure. Also, if you’re not already, track every bite of food for a few days. Sometimes we’re eating more than we realize! You can do it :).

  41. Beverly says

    If you have an iPad there are some great apps for free or very inexpensive that will do all that for you, they even have scanners to scan bar codes that give you the points right at the store before you even buy the food, that has been truly valuable.

  42. says

    I didn’t read through all the comments, but there is an app for the iPhone called Ultimate Value Diary. It’s is almost exactly like the WW mobile app you get with the monthly e-tools. It tracks your daily, weekly and activity points. I’ve been on WW since May 3 and very close to my WW goal weight so I’m sticking out the monthly payments or I would be using this one all the time. I think it was $3.99? You can even search foods and their pp values on there and look for restaurants.

  43. Beth says

    What about the additional 49 points each week? You don’t mention that. And exercise points – whether you use them or bank them, etc… It’s a little more involved than just a basic point system, it also give you a support system. I worked for WW for 18 years. It works great, if you stick to it!

  44. Deb Hanson says

    I too lost 60lbs in 2010 on WW, I had all the supplies and I knew someone that went to the meetings, so she bought me the calculator, however, that was for the regular pts., not pts plus, I’m going back on it, as I’ve put some of the weight back on, hey, I like to eat!!, anyways, yes to Beth above, it does work great, and there is more to it, but not everyone can afford it, lucky for me, I do have most of the basic books that include all that extra info. If anyone is interested in that part, (I didn’t use that to lose my weight), contact me via my email
    Good Luck All!!!

  45. says

    YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for taking the time to find all this. I have been looking to loose wight for a while now but i’m like you , can’t afford it.. BUT NOW I CAN!!! thank you, Thank you!!

  46. scottie says

    So, when figuring out how many Points Plus you are allowed daily, do you put in your current weight or do you put in your target weight?

  47. Nicole says

    This is awesome me and a friend was just about ready to pay the $56 for 3 months but we didn’t really have it to do with Christmas coming and all Thank you so much for your time on this! I have a couple of questions though! 1). Now if you work out then do you get extra points for working off so many calories? 2). Now the only way to caculate the food is with the points calculator right? For instance if I had small spinch salad and turkey burger for lunch how do i know how many points that was all together? Once again thanks so much :)

  48. dawn says

    Hi Ashley,
    How do you calculate homemade items. I just made some vegetable beef soup? Also how do you go about figuring out points on earned and what type of things does that include.

  49. Chuck says

    I have a question on the points calculator do I put in my current weight or my goal weight? Sorry, just wanted to be sure I’m doing this right.

  50. Gerri says

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you sooo much for posting! I’ve been on WW for 4 days now and I have lost 3lbs! I am super excited!
    I am confused on one thing though. I used the calculator above and it says I need 39 points a day. and then I did it the old WW way and it says I need 31 points a day. I used a calculator from another website ( WW calculator claim) and It says I need 32 a day. I would like to do it the right way. I don’t wanna starve myself ( I know that’s not good for you) Please help! :)

  51. Jessica says

    I was on WW in 2004 and my daily points allowance for my same weight was 24points according to your calculations I should be eating 27points?? Why is their a major difference now?

    • Amy says

      When the plan changed to Points Plus, the daily targets went up, so did many points values especially higher carb foods. The new plan gently pushes you in the direction of making more healthy and satisfying choices. Mine went from 21 to 26.

  52. joan zommers says

    i am looking to find the original weight watchers program with calculator to purchase
    does any one have to see? jz

  53. deb krawiec says

    how or where do I get a ww point calculator? is there an actual calculator or just apps. I don’t do apps sorry

  54. Wendy says

    As a life time member of weight watchers there are some things that you need to know before embarking on this journey without the help of the weight watcher staff. The daily point value that you are supposed to eat is not acurate. The minimum daily point value for everyone regardless of the amount of weight to loose is 26. No one should be eating less than 26 points per day. You need to make sure you have 2 tsp of healthy oils as well and eat from the 4 food groups every day plus lots of water. Weight Watchers is an awesome program that helps you loose weight the healthy, safe way. I recommend it for everyone and you can eat everything you want just calculate the point values. Its not a diet but a life style. Good luck on your journey!

  55. Jessica says

    Thank you so much for posting these tools! I lost 30lbs on weight watchers a couple of years ago and am excited to get started again! Do you happen to know of a recipe builder like tool so that you can put in a recipe and find the point value?

    • Shawna says

      Calorie count will let you build a recipe and give you the nutritional info, which you can then enter into the points calculator

  56. Amy says

    Don’t know if you mentioned this or not somewhere else, but for people who don’t know…all fruits & most vegetables are 0P+ values. Some that do have points are potatoes, corn, peas….can’t think of the others right now. Comment if you have other questions. I’ve been a WW lifetime member since 2005.

    • says

      can anyone tell me where to find out what the number value is on food? Without that , how would you know how much to eat a day? Thanx in advance

  57. Chad says

    Happy to find your site. A few years back I lost with the old Points system by just following through online resources and some friends. Although I’ve yoyo’d with some gained back, I’m going back to it. I wanted to find out about Points Plus and you gave me the info. Away I go :)

  58. says

    I am currently doing WW online and have lost 40 lbs in 6 months. I’ve been considering dropping it but trying to continue on my own. Was worried about not having access to the restaraunts, calculater, etc. YOU are a lifesaver. I’ve looked at most of this and points seem to be OK and the calculator to figure how many pts you get is right on. You do get 49 extra points each week to use as you see fit. I know some that use all, some that don’t use any and I am usually right in the middle. And exercise, exercise, exercise!

    • Jill says

      Thanks so very much for posting this. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers online for over a year now and am in maintenance. I’ve been thinking about dumping the program since I use a meal plan service (Shrinking On A Budget) that tells me all the points+ for the meals/snacks/desserts I eat. I usually follow the meal plan fairly closely, but I was concerned I would miss the tools when I went out to eat and when I occasionally choose a different meal. These tools will fill in that gap nicely. I will also say that, based on what I have seen with online tools over the past year, these tools suggested in this article are accurate for the most part.

  59. Nicole says

    I’m a college student living in the dorms with only a microwave and the DC as tools to eating. Any ideas for how I can follow this successfully?

    • says

      Just do your best to make fresh choices. Stock up on those steam-in-bag single serve frozen veggies (if you have a freezer). Keep fruit in your room. A big thing is portion sizing, as well. Protein the size of a deck of cards, tons of veggies, etc. Simple swaps, too. Whole wheat, whole grain, low fat dressing. You can do it! Good luck!

  60. Emily says

    Do you have a way to figure out excersize points? I know that you gain points for excercising but I didn’t know how to figure that out. Thanks for this awesome post!

    • says

      Fruits and veggies are FREE! Hooray! The first thing you always hear after someone says “FREE FRUITS AND VEGGIES!” is bananas, lol. Keep in mind that while one PIECE of certain fruits may be free, don’t go eat 7 bananas in a day.

      • Jill says

        Very true…. eating too many bananas can curb your loss. But I eat one every day. It definitely helps with the afternoon munchies….

      • Amy says

        Yes, it’s very important to hear the difference. Fruits are not FREE, they are 0 points plus values. If you have ever followed the Weight Watchers program before you know the math is not always the same like 1+1 might equal 3 P+. Fruit is 0 points. You should get the recommended fruits and vegetables in a day which is 5-8 servings a day I believe. A serving is 1/2c unless it is leafy greens, then it is 1c. It is possible to go overboard on the fruit, it’s not calorie free. Be smart…measure out one portion and then evaluate whether you are still hungry.

  61. April says

    Here’s the problem: not everything has labels. How do I calculate points values for things that don’t have labels indicating the four areas in the calculator? Is there a pre-existing list of basic foods anywhere?

  62. Nicole says

    I don’t think you mentioned this, but it is my understanding at all fruits and veggies (execpt the starchy ones like potatoes and corn, etc) are now zero points.

  63. SueJ says

    I also lost a lot of weight with WW a few years ago, then after a long year with two foot surgeries, etc., it crept back on. WW is a great program, when you follow it :) There is another free program that is just as good, with added options for your whole health, etc. Check it out!

  64. Emily says

    perfect! I have been looking for something like this I am a new nursing mom :) how many points do you get for weekly points if you go over? is it 49?

  65. Karlascott says

    My co-worker gave me the “power book & calculator”. She said it was too expensive to join. In 15 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I lost about 6 pounds the first week and then after that I averaged 1-2 pounds. When i exercised I didnt add in any points. I just stuck to my point allowance and the weight came off. It’s slow but i don’t feel like i’m depriving myself. Thanks for your help.

  66. Chuck says

    Is the points calculator on this site accurate or not? I’ve seen varying opinions and just wanted to check. Is it a go or no go?

  67. says

    Thank you so much!!! Ever since I had my first child I have wanted to do the WW points, but never had the money for the official WW. Now I can hopefully start!!!
    So you lost 10.6lbs in your 1st week?!? I have at least 50lbs to lose, I’d love to loose 64lbs, but my fiancee says I was too skinny back when I weighted only 135lbs. I more so just want to lose my tummy so I’ll just have to start out and see what weight I come to. :)
    Thanks again!!


  68. Shelly says

    Thanks to whoever it was who told me about Shrinking On A Budget. She helped me calculate how many Points+ I would get a day. So I’m basically doing Weight Watchers for $1/mth and all my meals are planned for me. I’ve been doing it now for a week and have lost 4 pounds – can’t believe how much food I get. Thanks to Freckleberry Finds for this post too!

  69. Gina says

    on the daily food log, what is used, earned and balance? If I am allowed 26 daily points on points plus, how do I fill out the log? Thanks!

  70. says

    Thankyou Ashley! You are such a star for this! I’ve been in dire need of inspiration and motivation to get cracking and shift the pounds, and finally you’ve put together something that really makes sense :) All I wonder is if you have a preference for a friendly weight loss forum? Like a nice community of people helping each other out? Miss Mannequin x

  71. Caitlin says

    hi, I found your blog (which is awesome by the way!) and it has been a god-send! I’ve been doing some research and today is the day I start taking better care of myself! I’ve met others who swear by weight watchers, but as a college student it’s entirely out of my budget. Your blog is amazing! Thank you so much.

    I would suggest checking out too. It gives free points values for foods (weight watchers plus) as well as restaurant dishes and their point values.

  72. Crystal says

    This is great! I wanted to add that if you go to, you can search foods and name brands. At the bottom of each product page they tell you how many WW point are in that product.

    I thought someone might find this useful.

  73. Rebekah says

    Not sure I can flollow this so I count my food in take or I can only eat 26 /20 point of food or I add up my points for age /weigh /height? Not sure of # to follow please help…..

  74. Darilyn Sue Block says

    What a great article. I love Weight Watchers but it’s too expensive. Thanks! Now I’d like to share something with you ladies.

    This is the best FREE food app I’ve found so far. It’s called “Food on the Table.” You can choose recipes based on meats, dietary restrictions, & change the amount of servings to suit your family. You can also add your grocery store & they’ll tell you what items are on sale based on the recipes that you choose. They also make you up an awesome grocery list & it’s even divided by categories. You can also add single items to the grocery list. I love this app & encourage you to try it.

    Here’s to starting off the new year eating right & getting healthy!

  75. Bonnie Alvarado says

    Thanks Ashley! I was looking into WW myself yesterday and thought the same thing. I was gonna do more research today but you just saved my time. You’re awesome!

  76. says

    I’m following the WW diet and do it on my own. Since June I’ve lost 21 lbs. It’s coming off slowly but it makes my doctor happy and keeps my diabetic boarder line under the radar. This is a good site to let people know they can do on their own without paying the amount they charge. Keep up the support!

  77. says

    I’ve had dozens of referrals from this post. Thanks FreckleberryFinds! Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans are an inexpensive way to supplement following this free Weight Watchers Program.

  78. Debbie says

    OMG !!!! I think I “LOVE YOU !” you are the light at the end of many tunnels ! thank you thank you ! and on PINTEREST…. wow,… my other FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD ! (DISNEY BEING MY FIRST) LOL

  79. marjoriemstone says

    So, I have been doing the “free” way as well. Here is my problem. If PointsPlus is now saying that fruit is 0 points, then why when you put the info into the calculator, do they not come up at 0 (but more like 2)?

  80. Jennifer says

    Ty ty ty ty!!! I am a lifetime member to Ww. I made a huge move away from my family and gained 50#s. I didn’t even realize how depressed I was until my husband said something. So its back on Ww. This has been ablessing. Ty so much for all the great info. I lost and maintained for 7 yrs. I just started and I have a long way to go but I will get it done before my vacation in Oct.

  81. dea Gunning says

    Thanks heaps for this. The computer tells me I am severely obese, and i weigh 187lbs (85kg) and am 155cm tall. It sure doesn’t do anything for the self esteem huh? I will give your ideas a go and see how I go.

  82. Trish says

    still cannot figure out how to use the points calculator. If I knew what foods had what % of fiber etc I would not need to use the calculator. How bout where is a list of foods grouped by pyramid categories and measured amounts?

  83. says

    I am so glad I found this! But I have a question, I’m not sure if I am maybe over looking it or what, the points you get are they PER DAY or PER WEEK? Thanks! :)

  84. says

    I have my son In november of 2011 and I’m 7 pounds away from pre pregnancy weight! I exercise 6 days out of the week so I hope weight watchers will help! :)

  85. says

    Hi any suggestions on how to figure points for the meals you cook at home with your own recipes? I wouldn’t know the calories, or fiber or fat grms. Is there a calculator that will allow you to enter the ingredients? Thanks so much for this info, can’t afford Ww and have always been envious as I watched others loose weight on it!! You are awesome! God bless!

  86. says

    Hello! I am trying to loose about 50lbs by May if possible. I have started walking up to 20 miles a week with a friend & am eating clean & ww when possible. I have only lost 4lbs in 2 weeks. Does anyone have any tips for me on what I should eat on a daily basis?? how big should my portions be ? Thanks April

  87. Kathy says

    This is my first time wanting to do weight watchers, I came across your website and thought it was great that I didn’t have to spend any money to start. it says I’m supposed to eat 26 points a day, now can I start eating anything within the 26 point a day?! or do I have to start a certain way? I was thinking about just doing the frozen Weight Watchers dinners is that okay? I have a crazy schedule so that would work out well for me, I just want to know if it’s okay, of course I would be eating other things other than just frozen dinners but the majority would be frozen dinners.

  88. Janelle says

    Thanks again! I’ve switched to the old weight watchers program because the points plus just wasn’t working for me. Can I ask your opinion? I am a nursing mom; however, my nursling is 15 months old and only nurses once in the morning and once before bed with the occasional daytime feeding. Im not producing enough milk to feel engorged in the slightest, nor enough to make them even a tiny bit firm, even if he skips a session. Would you even count that as nursing at all? I don’t feel like my appetite is even close to what it was a few months ago, Im not even sure if it’s at all increased. Thanks for your help!

    • says

      I would count that as part time. But that’s just me! I bet someone at La Leche League or another nursing program could give you calorie recommendations for that amount of nursing.

  89. Matt says

    I’ve been following Weight Watchers for 4 weeks. Not knowing the difference i went with the old points program. I was allowed 39 points. I found your site, wish I would have found it at the beginning, and it is a great help. I put my numbers in the points plus calculator and I get 56 points. I’ve been staying around 30 to 35, but have realized I was following the points plus food calculator. Things I’ve read says to try and eat your amount of points per day. I can’t imagine eating 56 points a day. I’m confused… Should I continue eating the 30 to 35 or use the 56. By the way I’ve lost 18 lbs :-)

  90. Jennifer says

    This is great. I had to quit when I got pregnant and circumstances do not allow me to rejoin when the baby is born. I have points sliders and such but for the older plan. Before fruits were free and points values changed. I will be breastfeeding this time so wasn’t sure how to calculate that either. This was a fantastic find. Thank you so much for putting this together. :)

  91. jlg says

    Thanks for this! I’m a bit confused about the points calculator though. I’m 35, 5’10 and weigh 150 pounds. It told me my points should be 26. I played around with the numbers and by adding weight it gave me higher points. I would think the more you had to lose the lower your points would be, not the opposite. Does 26 points for my info sound right?

  92. heather shampine says

    when entering the height to determine how many points plus are allowed daily is it asking for how tall you are in inches only? or feet and inches? as in im 5ft 7inches tall (5’7) or 67 inches!! a lil confused..

  93. Lee Ann Swindall says

    So I just used the formula to calculate my points and I come up with 20 points. Isn’t that a low number of points?

  94. Liz says

    WOW….thank you for sharing….seems a little different…I earned 8 activety points instead of 5 today…your link to FB doesn’t work…..I need all the help I can get….

  95. wanda says

    I did weight watchers before and it was great just need to get motivated to do so again Ifind as you get older harder to loose thanks for posting this you are an angel

  96. says

    I have a question. I am 5’5″ and I weight about 163 pounds. I am allowed 29 points a day, plus I work out intensely for an hour every day. Is it vital that I use all of my points? Like yesterday I ended up with 27 pts, I really don’t want to sabotage my weight loss by not eating enough. Whats your thoughts on this?

  97. laura says

    I have been doing points plus for three weeks now and lost 4 pounds. my budget will not allow me to join ww for meetings or even online, so i’m using a few different apps on my iphone for tracking. none of them are really prefect, though. does anyone have a suggestion for a good app with food and weight tracking, barcode scanner and a decent food database? I really need to have something on my phone because I will not track if I have to sit down at a computer every day.

    thanks for your help!

  98. Kimberly says

    You are an inspiration!! I have been roaming your blog all morning and have printed out your food log! So excited to get back on track! A year ago I was right where I wanted to be, I also have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it helped me get where I wanted to be but somewhere between summer and holidays I let everything slide and gain everything back! I was so angry at myself and also determined to get back in shape! So thank you for your bravery in letting us see your journey and to follow along in your footsteps!!

  99. Toni says

    Miss Virginia, you are a total inspiration (I’m 49 and was thinking, “I’m too old and it won’t work for me.”) Wish you were my neighbor.

  100. Cat says

    your site has just become my new fav! I have had celiac disease for 18 years and dont’ even bother with gluten free food except for 1 brand of pasta i buy online. still am trying to figure out points and how many points something is. math was always my worse subject lol!

  101. Torry says

    I am so very happy that you posted this!
    My aunt is in the weight watchers program, and she looks fabulous after doing it for a year. I’ve been having some health problems and came in at 317 pounds back in march! (I’m only 21)
    My boyfriend decided to go on nutrisystem, and I wanted to do weight watchers.
    since March I’ve lost 18 pounds! Thank you so very much for posting this.

    • Janet says

      I think you’ve made a great choice, Torry. with WW you learn how to eat and cook healthy, so you can always have it with you. No need to keep paying out for a service, and with WW you can maintain your healthy weight because you know how to make the right choices. Don’t ever give up! :)

  102. CAROL says

    lost 12 ponds in 6 weeks on this plan coupled with the tony little gazzale. my doctor is very happy with my results. great plan and a stepping stone to long term healthy living thank you.

  103. Pam says

    I was on WW back in 2005-06. I lost 40 pounds on it. I maintained that weight until 2008 when we became unemployed. Stress certainly does contribute to weight gain!! I was able to get back to my goal weight in 2011 by using the myfitnesspal app. But over the last 3 years I have gain about another 20 pounds (My goal weight through ww was 160. I actually got down to 140. But always considered the 160 my ‘do not go over this amount’ mark. So when I went up to 175 I used the fitnesspal to get back down to my 160 goal. Worked great. I had gone back to WW but their program didn’t help. I actually gained about 3 pounds on it. Now, to be fair, I have not be able to exercise for the last 3 years. We changed jobs, had to sell our house and move. All contributed to the stress of weight gain. I have had foot problems since 2009 and have not been able to get my 3 mile a day walking/joggin in. I dispise exercising but I would force myself on our treadmil. Since we moved in May of 2012 I have put on another 15 pounds bringing my weight up to 185 or so. I refuse to get on the scale. The program that I used in 2005-2006 was fantastic. I loved it. I would love to find that plan again. The points plus just did not work for me. I have had foot surgery in December for a morton’s neuroma. The surger was a failure and I am looking at another surgery in a week to repair a severed ligament and hopefully remove the stump neuroma. I am looking into doing water areobics but cant do that until I get the knee high cast off in 3-6 weeks. I’m 53 which I know works against me in the weight loss department. I track my calories for the most part and try to stay under 2000 calories aday, but still can’t see to see a difference. My thyroid is fine, no other health problems except some major acid reflux that I had back before I originally started WW. It went away after I lost weight. Now it’s back. Maybe the Momentum program will work for me since it’s the one after 2005-07 and before the points plus. Help me find that please. I swear I saw it on your page, but now can not find it. Sorry about the novel here.

  104. Ellen says

    Hi. I really like your site but I think you are mistaken about the old Weight Watchers plan and how to calculate the daily points. I believe there was a at the very least, a minimum amount for everyone which was 21 point s a day. – For example, if you are a small, petite older woman, according to your calculations, you would have 15 or so points a day and that is not correct. Actually you are entitled to 21 points- anything less is very difficult to maintain. I would check with some past members about the old plan to verify your data.

  105. Roo says

    Thanks for all the info! I’ve lost 26 pounds on WW points plus since January. But my meeting is closing down and it really won’t be convenient for me to travel to one anywhere else. So, I’m gonna try to continue on my own (for free). I’m scared I will get of track….but I’m gonna try. :)

  106. Cynthia says

    I’ve been doing this free program for two weeks and have lost 8 pounds. Once you do your homework and create a list of frequently eaten items, this is way too easy. Thanks!

  107. Cathy Swenson-Goetz says

    I love your sight and use the activity points link and pt plus calculator link a ton. Today the pt plus calculator does not have the calculator on it!! Did WW get rid of it – argh! Is there another link to it? I couldn’t find one.

  108. Elizabeth B says

    I have a quick question about how to calculate activity points in a different kind of situation. I spend the day with my son at Old Sturbridge Village (for those of you who aren’t from New England, its an outdoor living history museum that’s set in the 18th century which you walk around from house to house). We were there for 8 hours, and my pedometer says I walked 5.5 miles (my son likes to keep going back to his favorite exhibits lol). I can’t use 8 hours to calculate because that gives me a ridiculously high number of activity points, so does anyone have any suggestions?

  109. says

    Just an FYI, the link for the P+ calculator doesn’t work. I’m a former member and I’m pretty sure that’s blocked to current members only – otherwise everyone could calculate without paying for the service. But if it IS there, let me know!

  110. brynn says

    what do you all think is better, the old ww program or the ww plus program? I did the old plan before and it worked but im curious about others results with the new program.

  111. Lynn Purvis says

    Thanks Ashley – you are so beautiful and wonderful! I just found your awesomely-helpful site and am sure I can lose this pesky 20 pounds without skipping any mortgage payments :) This keeps me Dave Ramsey-intense!

  112. Tanya says

    Always wanted to try the weight watchers program just never could afford the program and meeting prices ty for making it where everyone has the chace to get healthy!!!!!!

  113. says

    I am so grateful for you right now! I’m so close to my pre-pregnancy weight from my 2nd child, and we’re considering having a 3rd baby. So It’d be nice to shed the lbs, and keep it under control while I’m potentially pregnant. I can’t wait to follow you along your journey and to be encouraged by your posts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  114. amy says

    Hi. I was going to head out to WW today but, I found you instead. I know the food plan very well but, I think I’ll try this first to see if I can do it without dumping out my pocketbook. I need that weekly check-in to stay conscious and on track. I also the support of other people.

  115. Wanda says

    This is so helpful. I have lost weight in the past doing WW, but now can not attend meetings and would love to follow the program. I used both the online calculator and the old WW Plan to figure my points and got 43 with the online calculator and 34 with the old WW plan. Which should I use?

  116. Janet says

    I am so happy that I found your website. I’ve been ignoring my weight and exercise for too long now. I am finally facing up to how bad I look and feel about myself because of it. I’ve done WW before with success, but I can’t afford meetings or online. I started at the top and have read down all the comments and everything, and have written down quite a few recommended websites. I find people asking the same questions over and over again, and you are very patient about that. :) Your website is awesome, and has really inspired me to get going with this. Thank you!

  117. says

    I have been on WW’s for alittle over 2yrs. and I have lost 103 lbs I reached goal in Mar.’13 and have maintained so far, I still track and go to weekly meetings to keep up on things. Love WW’s best diet for me.

  118. says

    There is a way to calculate your weight watchers points ON myfitnesspal! You go to your food diary, click settings, and under nutrients tracked, you put in THIS order: Carbs – Fat – Fiber – Protein – None. Then you just download the plugin (you have to have greasemonkey downloaded, I also used firefox). Then you click the plug in, click edit, change line 10 and 11 to true where it says false. amd BAM. myfitnesspal will track your Weight Watchers Plus points! ITS AMAZIIIIING.

  119. says

    Thank you for your site… You are right I have not joined weight watchers because of the cost. I participated about 6 years ago and lost weight. I wanted to join again but the prices are kind of high. If you miss a meeting you still have to pay for that meeting you missed. I want to lose 30 lbs. I thought I could do it on my own but didn’t know how to. So, THANK YOU !!! Now I know! :)

  120. Amie says

    I just want to start off by saying thank you for making this page :) Ive gained a total of 50 pounds between my two pregnancys and am having a lot of trouble loosing the weight. Ive started the WW diet, this will be day 4. So you said all fruits and veg are 0pp with the exception of avocado, but what about potatoes? Thanks!

  121. Connie says

    I am greatful for your information. I was getting ready to click on the Join Now Weight Watchers page, but thought I’d keep looking around on the web. Stumbled across your web page, briefly read the information and am really impressed. I’m so frugal I squeak! lol. I’ve bookmarked your page, and will study the links, recipes, points information and get both my husband and I on the plan. FOR FREE. He travels a lot, hence the restaurant food is putting on the pounds. I’m just lazy, resulting in gaining 8-10 pounds every winter.
    Thanks again, I’ll be visiting you a lot via the web.
    Connie T – Lititz PA

  122. KarenT says

    I have browsed your site several times in the last year and finally decided to take the plunge. It was very easy to follow the plan that you have posted here. I did go to attend weight watchers years ago and was somewhat successful – but you are right, the money is definitely a deterrent. We are going to Hawaii, for our 30th Anniversary, in about 6 weeks and find that is a big incentive for me to stick to this plan. The fact that I can eat fruit or veggies at 0 points when I am feeling hungry really helps. So after week 1 I am down 4 pounds. Here’s to a great week 2. thanks again for taking the time to post this.

  123. Mary says

    I’m doing Weight Watchers with the REALLY old system. Thankyou for posting this. Thankyou very much. I agree with one of the comments above. I was sick of going to meetings and paying money to get weighed and sitting and listening to people bitch and moan about how they haven’t lost weight yet go get a latte and cake afterwards.
    I would like to know which FRUITS have points as I know some do. Where can I look that up for free? I don’t seem to be losing weight on the scales even though I’m at the gym doing cycle, yoga and pump (weights) classes. I
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

  124. Jill says

    This is great! Thank yoi! Do you have an app that keeps all the calculators together? Or is there another app that’s free with the calculators?

  125. darlene says

    I just wanted to say thank you i been looking along time for a free one as money is tight im 61 and been on every died out there never stuck to any so im hoping this will really help me i been looking at ww for years now just couldn’t join any thanks again im really going to give it all i have ill let you all know how i do thanks hugs to all

  126. Charmaine says

    Thank you it’s nice that people like you help with out putting your hand out for money I will keep you posted
    I will be starting in the morning 10/07/15 I weigh 195 so I would like to lose 50 lbs thanks again

  127. Jackie Arnold says

    There are alot of great WW recipes & tips on Pinterest. I have a board with them if you want to check it out or just seaech for Weight Watchers Tips or Recipes. jackie Arnold

  128. Susan says

    My weekly points target is 26, based on the calculator (age, weight, height). But when I recalculate at 10lbs less the weekly points target is still 26. I wish to loose 20lbs, not maintain my current weight. How do I calculate the number of points per week to reach my weight loss goal?

  129. Mackenzie says

    I am a little late in sharing but thanks so much for this! I have shared it with my Facebook friends and on Pinterest too! I have been doing the free Weight Watchers now for a little over a month and have lost 11 pounds (woot-woot). I’m cheating a little since I am using the Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans to plan out my meals – so I’m not doing this totally for totally free, but it is way worth the $1 a month to have my meals planned and PointsPlus calculated. Thank you again for this post. I really couldn’t swing the monthly fees for Weight Watcher’s online right now. You’re doing a really nice thing for people.

  130. says

    Weight Watchers is the only way I can lose weight and free is even better – After all, I am the one working to lose it – why pay them. Thanks for helping me along the way – you ROCK ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  131. anne mckinley says

    i joined weight watchers last week and i couldn’t make head nor tail of it i am glad i just paid for i month i thought there would be a food tracker or a weight tracker and every time i asked for help i was told someone would be with me shortly then before i had a response from anyone i was told i was timed out what kind of way is that to run a business i am so frustrated with weight watchers

  132. Elsa says

    I agree that it is probably best to try it with Weight Watchers first then do this free version for maintenance. I use a $1/month meal plan service (shrinking on a budget) that gives me Points+ for all the meals/snacks so I really don’t need the online services. But it was helpful to me in the initial phases to have the actual weight watchers services.

  133. Gina says

    What is the $1/month meal plan service. And does it provide points+? Are the meals any good? Sounds almost too good to be true. But if it is I might try it. Let me know.

  134. Jill says

    It is shrinking on a budget meal plans. Haven’t had a bad meal yet and the kids eat it. It gives snacks, breakfast, lunch, dessert and dinners. The $1/month thing is a special though so you may want to go ahead.. not sure how long it lasts.

  135. Rachel says

    Thanks for all this information. My new years resolution is to lose weight. And huge thanks to Jill for sharing the shrinking on a budget meal plan tip. OMG it is awesome. She even calculated how many points+ I would have – had to ask her but she did. Meals are really good and so far my kids are eating them too.

  136. Rachel says

    Oh and forgot to say thanks for pointing out the slender kitchen points calculator. I like that one better. Great website too.


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