Losing It! Week 3: A pound is a pound

Well, I wish I could come to you this week and tell you that I kicked ass and took names this week. I suppose I minorly kicked ass at times, but overall, I’m disappointed in myself. Here’s my weigh in for the week:

Week 2: 198.4

Week 3: 197.2

Loss: 1.2 pounds

Total loss to date: 14.6 pounds

Some people would be stoked about this loss, and I am in a way. I’m stoked I didn’t gain¬†with how many times I cheated! I didn’t ever get gluttonous, but I certainly ate things that were a higher point value than I’m comfortable with. Like that pizza last night? Yup. I had just gone to the grocery store, and I’d even picked up some Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines for emergency moments where I don’t feel like eating clean. But nope. I consciously picked up a Hot ‘n Ready and ate two and a half big slices. Sigh.

But wait! Not all hope is lost! Because guess what? I got my rear in gear this week, too. I’d been putting off working out. I don’t know why — I love how I feel when I’m done! I moved my treadmill from the garage to our finished basement last week (hilarious sight to see, let me tell you!), and I actually RAN. This might seem pitiful to elite runners, but I did intervals of power walking/running (about half and half) for 1.5 miles, three times last week. Go me! In 2010, I was blowing through runs of 2 miles like it was a cake walk. It’s humbling to hop on the treadmill now and struggle through 1.5 miles, but it’s all the more motivating. I will say that I can’t wait until Spring — the treadmill is not my friend. A necessary evil, for sure!

Overall, I’m not 100% disappointed. I mean, I did lose 1.2 pounds.

One pound of fat. Doesn't that make you want to hurl?

It’s not the 4-5 pounds a week I was losing in the beginning, but it’s a loss. And man, losing never felt so good.


  1. says

    You go girl!!! Even when you’re bad, you’re still good!! Those stupid Hot and Ready pizzas….they aren’t even that good!! At least once I week and curse Little Caesar’s for being so close to my house!!


    • says

      Ugh, they’re not good but they ARE! I hate that awful food is so cheap and accessible. I mean, really Subway? Would it kill you to put in a drive through so I don’t have to unload my circus of children to get a flat bread?

  2. Kathryn says

    I like how you put the dramatic picture of the fat in the hand. Haha… But it does put it into perspective for you

  3. says

    You’re right! That does make me want to hurl! But, hey a pound is a pound. One less pound you’ll have to lose in the future. Congrats on the 15 lbs so far. I’m trying to lose after having my baby and it can be discouraging! Don’t feel bad about the pizza – you should give yourself a cheat day every once and a while.

  4. audie says

    for every pound of weight you loose you take off 4 pounds of pressure on your knees and an equally impressive amount on your spine…I wish I could remember the exact weight but alas, I cannot. So every pound is indeed a victory! Keep up the good work.

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