Losing It! Week 5: When things go a little haywire

Man. That was an ugly week.

It started out great — after all, last week I finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight!  I was feeling great. But then, the slippery slope of junk began. I ate fast food. Then I ate fast food again. Then we had date night, and I ordered a chicken fried chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes. And a margarita.

Yup. It was that bad.

Week 4: 193.8

Week 5: 195.2

Gain: 1.4 pounds

Total loss to date: 16.6 pounds

Honestly, I expected it to be worse. I was predicting a gain of 3 or 4 pounds. At least, that’s how awful I felt. Sure, the food was sinfully good (especially that gravy…oh man!) while I was eating it, but I hated feeling so sluggish and full.

We fell into the fast food trap because last week was just really hectic. Andrew worked a solid 75-80 hours last week, and I just never got to the grocery store. So instead of eating fresh foods (like my twice daily apple!), I was resorting to things like graham crackers … with chocolate frosting on it :(.

I am not counting this as a week of failure. Failure means I’d just quit and give up. But you know what? I’m not giving up! I ate clean yesterday, and this morning, I made the cutest mom-and-me omelettes for myself and Maisy!

And you can see apple #1 in the corner :). So overall? Yes, I gained. But I am better because of it! I’m amped up and ready to kick those 1.4 pounds to the curb…again.




  1. Kathryn says

    It is scary how little it takes to gain some weight. Don’t feel bad I gave in and had a chicken biscuit meal last week. I have been P90Xing it for 10 days now and I am sore in places I didn’t think were possible. Oh and that nasty eating also includes the 4 greasy slices of pizza I ate last week too. I’m only 4 lbs down but hope to lose at least 40 by April. Fingers crossed!

  2. says

    I seriously need to start logging my food. I walk at least 6 miles per day and workout 2-3 times a day, but my scale is not moving. My inches aren’t moving either. Logging my food will make it too real for me, I already know this.
    Thanks for posting this. I think it is important to show both the ups and the downs.
    Good job on bouncing back !

    Love your mom-and-me omelettes and your plate is really pretty :)

  3. says

    Way to stay positive!
    I actually had a loss this week, which I’m so excited about! I’ve been doing a lot more physical training, and I’ve been gaining muscle and as my husband tells me; muscle weights more than fat, but it was still discouraging to see that scale go UP when I was eating right and working out. But it’s started to drop and although the numbers aren’t as good as I’d like, the measurements are making me rather happy!

    Not snacking late at night has also helped dramatically. And apples…oh yum! Apple slices with Natural Peanut butter are my favorite go to snack! Only problem is my 2 year old keeps stealing my apple slices even though she has her own snack! lol.

  4. says

    You are doing amazing! I love apples too, but I think I read somewhere they have a lot of sugar and those, along with bananas, are one of the worst fruits to eat. Ahhh! I would say it IS better than frosting covered graham crackers though ;) Keep up the great work!

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