Sayonara, Google Friend Connect. We’re now on Google+!

So as some of you may have heard, Google is scrapping their Friend Connect widget for non-blogger blogs. That means since I use WordPress for my blogs, GFC is no more as of  March 1, 2012. As much as I hated that darn widget with it’s erratic behavior (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve refreshed and refreshed and refreshed until it finally appeared!), it still kind of stings to just delete it. So, adios to all of the hard work I put in to get to my 2,692 GFC followers!

What this means: I can’t send you all newsletters through GFC anymore. I didn’t send too many (maybe four?) but it was a great way to let you all know about an event or huge giveaway.

How you can stay in touch:

Don’t miss a single giveaway! Subscribe via email. It’s not spammy, promise. I will never sell your email address to anyone, and you get one email a day gift wrapped and delivered on a silver platter.

Follow me on Twitter! I’m not on triberr, so you will only get tweets from me. I wont fill your stream, promise ;).

Like Freckleberry Finds on Facebook. This is where I interact most, so you can be sure you’ll get the latest info!

Subscribe via RSS in your favorite reader. You can get Freckleberry’s updates however you please!

Follow me on Pinterest. So yeah, you won’t get my blog posts, but hey. I pin neat stuff.

and now, you can add me to your circle (is that the right fancy lingo?) on Google+! I just made the page this morning, so give me some love, y’all. It will soon be an extra entry on all of my giveaways, so you might as well get a head start!

So that’s pretty much the way of it. Are you sad to see Friend Connect go?

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