Simply Linked Upcycled T-Shirt Scarves Review & Giveaway

I am so stoked to tell you guys about a company that I learned about recently! Have you seen bracelets like these floating around?

Isn’t that gorgeous?! These bracelets are the work of the incredibly talented Jennifer Linkous, owner and designer at Simply Linked Jewelry Design. At Simply Linked, you can purchase custom made bracelets — from collegiate colors to cancer awareness themes.

But this post isn’t even about her gorgeous bracelets — check out these amazing upcycled scarves that she’s debuted recently!

These scarves are AWESOME. They are made from upcycled t-shirts, which means they are crazy soft! I love the dimension each scarf has — no two are the same!

So cute! I received a scarf that I cannot wait to wear during game day here in Nebraska — a red, white, and gray design!

Go Big Red!

I’ve worn it out a few times, and it never fails. Each outing results in at least one compliment from a total stranger! People are so impressed with the scarf, and I proudly tell them it’s upcycled t-shirts!

These scarves are obviously really easy to personalize. Just pick your colors, and you’re good to go!

Black, white, and gray also available!

Each scarf starts at about $15-$20. And hey! How about you snag a bracelet to match? ;)

Want to win a custom scarf of your very own? One lucky winner will take home a scarf that you can design yourself with 2-3 colors, any design. Enter below!

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