Tiny Prints Classroom Valentines are out!

I’m totally that mom. I get irrationally excited for class parties, and I am fully planning on making goodie bags filled with homemade treats for Valentine’s Day. It’s not so much a desire to show the other kids parents how on the ball I am (okay, it kind of is), but it’s also because I love theme-ing things to the high heavens.

So right now, Emma (almost 5) is in preschool 3 days a week, and she’s pumped about Valentine’s Day. She remembers making the mailboxes out of shoe boxes last year, and I’m sure the seven tons of sugar she’ll be bringing home has some influence on how much she’s looking forward to V-Day. I want her to have super cute valentine’s cards, so I set out to search for some unique valentine cards — preferably without any Nickelodeon or Disney character on it yelling at me “You’re aDORAble, Amigo!”

And you know what? Tiny Prints to the rescue. As always. Peep these Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards:

If I had the final say (and I technically do, but you know how that goes), Emma would be handing out skunks. Because those are HILAR. Can you imagine? I could make these:


and put ’em in cute little cellophane bags. Ca-yoot!

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