BSMB Kindle Giveaway

BSMB Kindle

Want to snag yourself a Kindle e-reader? You bet your buns you do. Some fellow bloggers and I teamed up to bring you this giveaway :). Good luck!

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  1. Shannon rhoads says

    For reading on the go. I also have such a hard time holding the book in the right place while laying on my side in bed!! First world problems!

  2. Jamie Hickman says

    Since I became a mom 2 years ago my reading has went from all the time to zero! Ive been saving my change for a kindle. Its one of those things that I want so bad but cant justify spending the money on myself. They look awesome and I could take it on the go. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  3. andrea says

    actually, i would like 2 kindles lol….first of all, my daughter in university would like one, so i am hoping to get her one for her birthday, but also, i love to read, and love the idea of the access to soooo many books, as well i have a permanent hand/wrist injury, and am having issues with the other hand, and this would be easier to hold :)

  4. loriag says

    I want a Kindle because I am a avid reader and love to take my books with me. This will make it a whole lot easier.

  5. Deb Hornick Gotham says

    I want a Kindle because I am an avid reader and it would make it so much easier and more convenient for me! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  6. Kasee Johnson says

    I would love a Kindle so that I can give my iPad to my kids. I only use it as an ereader, but they use it for everything from homework to games. If I had a Kindle, they could use my iPad and I’d never get stuck without a book!

  7. says

    For my daughter-in-law. She has wanted one for awhile. I think I should have bought her one instead of the Keurig that I bought for Christmas. Her birthday is 2/6, so this would make a great gift.

  8. kitblu says

    My life is populated with wait times – for doctor, dentist, chiropractor, driver’s license renewal, shopping payments, trains, traffic accidents – and, if I don’t have something to occupy myself, I become increasingly irritable. I bring a book with me everywhere in case there is waiting time. There have been times when I finished the book before I finished waiting. If I had a kindle I could have several books ready and not run out.

  9. says

    I love to read! Especially late at night… But a lamp is wayyy too bright, so I have to stick with reading facebook, lol. A kindle would be great to have… I would loooooove it!!!!!!!

  10. Fiona N says

    I wish I had a Kindle long time ago because I love to read. Thank You So Much for the chance to win :-) “Fingers Crossed” :-)

  11. michelle warner says

    i have a kindle but my daughter has taken it from me, and i never really get to use it cause she says but mom i just started a good book, so i never see my kindle

  12. Linda Hall says

    I am an avid reader. We live in our camper year round and the shed is stacked with books. The Kindle would sure help to give us space in the shed.

  13. Amanda Higbie says

    I would love a to own a Kindle because my book shelf is full! Overflowing actually. So this would be super handy and save lots of space/weight if I could win one and maybe buy some of the books I own as a ebook and donate the ones I do that to. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    I am Holly Swint on Google +, astroqueen67 on Twitter, Holly Hennessy Swint on FB. Please make note of this for my entries since there is no extra info box for this.

  15. Brooke Bumgardner says

    I have a Kindle and I love it…I would really like to win one for my best friend Nicole, she’s been wanting one for a long time!

  16. Judy Charger says

    Kindles are great for on the go–my husband does BMX biking and there is alot of waiting for the races. It would be great to have one so I could read

  17. DIANNA S. says

    i love 2 read & it would be so awesome 2 win one, plus with my job ive got some down time so instead of carrying books with me ill just have a nice lil package i can put in my purse.

  18. Joni Owada says

    We only have one computer in the house, and with the 4 kids and my dh and I all wanting to use it, it would be great to have a kindle for the kids to use and read on too!

  19. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

    I am often in a hospital waiting room when my husband goes for his bi-weekly tests. I carry a few books at a time and a lot of other things to do since it could be hours waiting. A kindle fire would be convenient and easy to carry instead of all the books and laptop to keep busy.

  20. LeAnn B says

    I’m an avid reader and love to have a variety of books at my “fingertips” at all times. . . I think a Kindle achieves that goal!

  21. Mary Baker says

    I have around 200 free E-books that I need something to read them on. They are on my dinosaur laptop that can not run off electric.

  22. Becca Gater says

    I would love a Kindle … With 3 kids and as many different afterschool activities I am always sitting somewhere with a few minutes to kill and would love to have my reading right at my fingertips :)

  23. Marlena Curley says

    I would love a kindle for my daughter. Shes turning into quite the reader and I of course want to encourage that!

  24. Keri VanNuland says

    I read like a crazy person and then for Christmas I bought my mother in law a kindle. I had to try it out of course and fell in love. Almost didn’t give it to her but I did. Now I need one!

  25. Anesa says

    Thanks! I would love to win a Kindle Fire because over the last two years, I have collected over 500 free kindle eBooks, but I don’t have any devices to read them on. Thanks! :-)

  26. Anna says

    Kindle’s seem pretty cool. I love to read but have a hard time finding the time to do it. Having one place to keep all my “books” would probably make it easier. :)

  27. Bobbye Bailey says

    I love to read but when i remarried I did not get to bring all my books with me, he told me there was not enough room for all my books. With a kindle i could have access to all the books i could ever want to read.

  28. Jennifer Warburton says

    I am disabled and I am constantly in physical therapy. I cant hold a traditional book while I am doing therapy and trying to do all the therapy with the incredible pain I am in is very hard without a distraction. I want a kindle because it will help with giving me the hands free I need for a book and will give me the distraction I need in order to help with my pain and with my physical therapy.

  29. Kim Allmon says

    Simply put, for the convenience. It would be so much easier taking 1 device that gives you a huge selection of books or magazines to choose from instead of carrying all of your reading material along.

  30. kymi a says

    I would love to win this kindle I love to read books, I have it on my iphone but my eyes are alittle bad but after reading on my iphone my one eye feels like its going into the other lol. I would love to win this great prize. Be able to read with 2 eyes lol. thank you!

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