Losing It! Week 7: Operation Don’t GAIN Weight

So if you’re following my weight loss journey, you might have wondered where the heck I went. One week ago, we got a really awful phone call first thing in the morning. It was my husbands grandfather, calling to tell us that my FIL had passed away at 50 years of age. We grabbed wet clothes from the washing machine, gathered diapers and kids, and drove to be with family.

I did, however, weigh myself before we got the news. Last week, I was 192.6! That’s 2.6 pounds down from week 5. So how did I do this week?

Week 6: 192.6

Week 7: 192.6

Loss: 0

Total loss to date: 19.2 pounds

This week was filled with hard decisions, late nights, airports, and all kinds of crazy. There were times where I just ate something in order to get some energy, however short lived it may be. There were meals missed. I went days without eating fruit (days! I eat two apples a day, minimum!). Fast food was plentiful, and honestly, kind of necessary. I did my best with what I had. It was so difficult to eat on plan when I wasn’t at home. I realized that I have such an organized little routine here at the house, and when it’s disrupted, it’s hard to stick to the food plan. We came home last night for the first time in a week (man, those dishes in the sink smelled WONDERFUL), and I’m so happy to just be in my own home, with the food I’m used to eating.

The goal for the week was to just not gain weight. Dealing with the difficult emotions of losing a relative was tough, so my mind was not on working out or losing weight. And I’m happy to say that I met my goal for the week! I managed to not lose or gain a thing. I’m pleased. While I would of course love to tell you I lost 5 pounds for this week, I’m just glad I kept my head afloat.

How are you doing this week? Any major successes? Let’s hear it!


  1. says

    Oh wow. So sorry to hear about your loss. Fifty is so young! I’m getting back on the gluten free and weight loss wagons. Maybe I should hang out here and encourage and be encouraged!

  2. says

    Oh I’m so sorry for you and your family! That is such a difficult trial. We recently lost my 7 year old niece, my oldest sister and my 20 year old nephew this past year. deaths and funerals are such a trial. I pray for your heartache at this time.

    Wonderful job at managing the emotions and not giving up. I’d be quite happy with a 0 weight gain in the same situation!

  3. Ms.Taylor says

    My friends tease me for being huge and heavy, that’s why I decided to engage with a fitness activity to loss a pound and back the confidence I left alone..

  4. says

    I couldn’t help but notice I am right where you are, weight wise. A year ago, I was 215 lbs. And more recently, I’ve been in the 190’s. In the past few weeks, I’ve decided to put more focus on losing weight a bit more on a consistent basis and now I’m 193.2 lbs. I’ve been 155 lbs. at a different time in my life and at 5’7/ 5’8 it was a healthy weight for me, so that’s my goal, so I have about 40 pounds to lose. What’s your goal weight?

  5. Emily Woodhouse says

    Hi Ashley at first sorry for your lose from the cornerstone of my heart. After being in the pain of loosing your FIL you did well. You were in your destination. Hats off to you. You’re an idol for any person who wants loose weight. Touchy post. Thanks so much

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