My Infant’s Stroller 5-Point Safety Harness Saved Her Life

We have all been there. “I’m just walking around the block,” “We’re just sitting outside,” “He/She’ll be fine!”

But what happens if they’re not fine?

It’s been incredibly beautiful here in the Midwest this winter. Yesterday it was 60 degrees, and all three kids and I were basking in the sunshine and playing outside. I was on my laptop getting some blog work done, and Micah was tootling around the yard on his power wheel. Maisy, my 8 month old, was sitting in her stroller, holding a teething toy and babbling away. Emma and Maisy were being particularly sweet to each other, so I snapped this photo and posted it on my Facebook feed:

Within 15 seconds, this scene was very different. As I was putting my phone down, Micah came barreling down the sidewalk on his power wheel, and he rammed the back of Maisy’s stroller going full speed. It’s a three wheeled stroller, and it instantly went careening to the cement, baby side down. I swear it happened so fast, and so slow at the same time. I started yelling, “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” and struggled to upright the stroller that held my screaming, dangling infant inches from the cement. It felt like it took ten years to pick the stroller up since the power wheel was rammed into the back of it, and I couldn’t get it back on all three wheels.

I finally got it standing up, and whisked Maisy out of the 5-point buckle. She was scared beyond belief, and was clearly hysterical. I expected scrapes, blood — the worst. But she was totally unscathed.

The only thing that kept her head from slamming into the concrete was the fact that she was buckled in to her stroller using the full 5-point harness.

I’m the first to admit that with my other kids, I often skipped the shoulder straps. But why? It literally takes 4 more seconds to attach them. We wouldn’t dream of buckling our kids into our mini vans with only a three point harness. Why would we with strollers, booster chairs, high chairs, and the like?

This is a situation that could have ended up very differently. Please share this with your friends. No mom is perfect, and we all make our mistakes, but let’s help each other out and remember to take the extra step when it comes to our kids’ safety!

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  1. Kathryn says

    My friend had a similar situation happen. She and her boyfriend were in the mall parking lot and clicked the baby car seat onto the stroller. They started to move and the seat slid off the stroller and landed face down. They picked the seat up and their 5 month old wasnt even bothered by it… But she said ” you should have seen the looks we were getting”. I totally agree that those 5 point harnesses are life savers!

  2. Katherine G says

    I am so glad that she is okay. I know you must have been terrified. I know I would’ve been. Thank god for that stroller.

  3. says

    WOW, how scary that must have been. Thanks for sharing this with us as I know as a parent I sometimes skip things I shouldnt as well but after this I do not think I will anymore.

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing this story! I am so glad to hear that your baby girl is doing fine from the incident, even though I know you are probably still shaking lol. God knows I would be!

    A similar thing like this happened to me, last year. My daughter was weeks old, strapped into her carseat and the car seat was attached to her stroller. We had her sitting near the porch. My 8 year old daughter was tipping in a chair on the porch and fell backwards. Luckily, I caught her in time (I was standing next to the stroller on the ground.) and she bumped into the stroller/carseat combo that was sitting right below her. I about had a stroke. Of course, we then began to say “Now what I have I told you about tipping on the backs of the chair legs!?” (She is notorious for this.) She hasn’t done it since though, especially after being so upset that she knocked her sisters stroller almost over! All we were doing was hanging out outside near the front of the porch….just chattin’ it up with friends and neighbors. Ugh, to think if my infant hadn’t been in her straps or if I hadn’t caught my 8 year old. ughhhh! Needless to say, we’ll be putting up railing on our very small porch this summer! lol.

  5. says

    When Kinsley was 10 months old we were waiting in line to get into the Pacific Science Center. I was trying to pay and she kept crying in her stroller so I kept pushing it back and forth trying to soothe her. Yeah, she has slipped out the bottom and I was continuously running her over! My teenage son had forgot to buckle her when he put her in. Poor baby.

    We now have the same stroller you do. LOVE that stroller! Glad everything turned out well.!

  6. Terri S. says

    I’m so glad that Maisy was not hurt. Good thing you had that 5 point harness on her. Things can happen so fast and I can imagine how scared you must have been. LOVE the photo of your girls – so sweet. :-)

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