“The Germinator” Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Review & Giveaway

Winter is in full swing, even if it has been fairly mild this year. That means we’re all inside more often, and all of our germs are hangin’ out indoors right alongside us. I know my mom would always say that I had to put on a jacket so I wouldn’t catch a cold, but um, it’s the germs, ma. Not the windchill.

So now that I’m in charge of three little kids’ well-being, I guess I have to make sure they don’t catch colds. Selfishly, it’s so that I don’t have three sick kids simultaneously, whining and whimpering through their illness. Oh yes, and the whole “it’s not fun to be sick” thing.

I was sent some very cleverly named hand sanitizer to knock germs outta the park. The Germinator is different from other hand sanitizers in that it is alcohol free. This means it kills 99.9% of germs without the harsh side effects of alcohol and other synthetic chemicals. It instead utilizes benzalkonium chloride, a naturally safe and effective substance which makes The Germinator not only fast acting, but allows for use without water or towels, its non-flammable, will not stain your clothing, and definitely won’t dry out your skin. Hallelujah! I have alligator hands from washing and sanitizing so much!

Want to win a bottle of The Germinator? Enter below!

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  1. Katie says

    Hi Ashley!! I love the idea of killing germs and not drying out those wee little hands, but I’ve found a bunch of research online that indicates benzalkonium chloride might not be a very safe alternative to alcohol. There are links to allergies, immunotoxicity and potentially endocrine disruption. I think it’s use is even limited in Japan and Canada. The Environmental Working Group has some great information for those interested in reading more. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredient/700674/BENZALKONIUM_CHLORIDE/

  2. Amanda Alvarado says

    The Like button isn’t letting me like the post! I keep getting an error! Not sure if it’s just me or everyone else?!

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