The Clorox Ode to the Commode

Kids and the bathroom are often a precarious combination. It’s awkward enough to deal with your kid’s business, but potty training and preschooler awkwardness can make visits to the bathroom a hilarious adventure!

Clorox is bringing laughter to the bathroom with The Clorox Lounge and the Ode to the Commode campaign. The Clorox Lounge is a community where moms can go to get a little bit of humor interjected into the messiest room of the house! Hosted by comedienne Sherri Shepard, the Clorox Lounge showcases fun contests, stories that are just a riot, and a good amount of comic relief. After all, there’s times when you just have to laugh at what our kids can get in to in the bathroom.

When I was about 5, I had a scary situation (but in retrospect, hilarious) bathroom escapade. My cousin and I had just finished lunch, and were racing to wash our hands. I was winning, and rounded the corner into the bathroom first. But wait! The rug had evidently lost its grippy lining on the bottom and slipped under my feet, sending my head careening into the side of the toilet. It must have been pretty gnarly, ’cause my mom wigged. OUT. It became a running joke (see what I did there? running? har har!) that I needed a helmet in the bathroom. Then, to make matters worse, I gave myself a pretty gruesome gash on my forehead by banging it on a toilet paper holder while I was at school just a few months later. This resulted in my first ER visit where I became the proud owner of two stitches. TWO! This is a big deal to a Kindergartener. I wore those stitches like a badge of honor for weeks. Once my 6th birthday rolled around, I was, in fact, given a helmet. Sure, it was for my new bike, but my parents didn’t tell me that until after we all had a good laugh at my new bathroom accessory!

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What funny things have your kids done in the bathroom? Let’s hear some stories!

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