EasyDough Cookie Fundraising

Just when you think you’ve seen all of the fundraising ideas around, your doorbell rings and you find a 3rd grader standing on your front porch soliciting light bulbs for a school fundraiser.

Light bulbs. It has seriously happened.

With a preschooler in the house, we have entered the world of fundraising. I really don’t mind selling products to help my child’s school! The way I see it, I could either participate in a fundraiser or shell out more money for tuition. Hand me that brochure, teacher! ┬áSome fundraisers that I’ve participated in involve selling Christmas wreaths, handmaking egg noodles for a soup dinner, and selling wrapping paper. All well and good, but nothing is better than when I have a friend’s kiddo come up to me and ask if I’d like to buy some cookie dough.

Would I like to?! I’d love to! Are you kidding? It’s a double feature. First, I can eat the dough straight from the container (I’m a rebel, what can I say?). Then, of course, there’s the cookies. Sweet, sweet cookies. I tend to have a fiasco in the kitchen, so anything to help me cut corners is a godsend.

So who facilitates these cookie dough fundraisers? Easy Dough does! Isn’t that the cutest, most clever name ever? I think so. I am always willing to buy cookie dough from a kiddo. I mean, while I just love getting my car “washed” by kids, I’d rather have little chunks of frozen heaven sitting in my freezer. It’s the fundraiser that keeps on giving, man. Cookies for breakfast? Sure! We’ve got it in the fridge.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free fundraiser for your kid’s team, school, non-profit, sport, or youth group (to name a few), get in touch with Easy Dough. They even have candy fundraising! I am not held liable if you buy 80 buckets of dough. But I wouldn’t blame you, either ;).


  1. denise says

    when I was in middle school–in the early 80’s–I had to sell lightbulbs for a school fundraiser. It was not fun because no one wanted to purchase them.

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