The Little Book of Diet Help — Tricks to Help You Lose the Weight!

Kimberly Willis describes her new book, The Little Book of Diet Help, as a “portable diet coach” that not only works with your lifestyle, but can help you shed the pounds that you’ve been accumulating.

Kimberly focuses on finding the “food/mood” connection — learning what emotions trigger your eating, and how to handle them. For example, “If it’s an emotional craving – rub the area under your nose and above your top lip for a minute or two. This is a soothing acupressure point.” Or for sugar cravings, you just  rub the cartilage at the front of your ear between your thumb and first finger for a minute or two. How cool! I am a big fan of accupressure, and I will totally be trying this out when I feel stressed and want to eat an entire cake. Oh yes. It’s happened.

Another great point? Never totally BAN a certain food from your house. If a food is totally off limits, you’re just setting yourself up for failure! You’re eventually going to want some, then eat some, then feel guilty. Let yourself have a healthy portion and move on! I love this idea. If I say “no chocolate, ever!”, the first thing I crave is always chocolate.

You can find The Little Book of Diet Help by Kimberly Willis, PhD on Amazon.


  1. Yanira says

    Just started reading your post I am inspired! Noticed you have not posted recently hope you sticking to resolution

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