STRIKE UP A STORY with Hershey’s This Summer! #CAMPBONDFIRE

I totally went through a s’more addiction phase right after Maisy was born. It was just so easy to pop a s’more in the microwave and then sit down to nurse her. Sometimes, I just ate a s’more for lunch because I was so busy! (I was taking a prenatal and this wasn’t a daily thing, don’t worry lactivists ;).

This summer, I’m so excited to break out the graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate and STRIKE UP A STORY with my family!

It was Saturday, and we were all run down after a busy morning of shopping and house hunting. We’re working on buying our second home in 8 months (oy!), and we have just completed a cross-country move. We have been busy bees! So, I remembered that I had a bag of ‘mallows in the pantry, and started whipping up a treat! I told the kids to find all the pillows and blankets that they could, and we all sat down in the living room and had a s’mores picnic! It was so much fun. The big kids ended up just asking for graham crackers — they are weirdos and hate sticky things!

Look at that goof! Love ‘im.

We talked about our move, the potential move to come, and just really enjoyed spending time together being unplugged.  My challenge to you? Create your own CAMP BONDFIRE and spend time doing a whole lotta nothin’, just hanging out with your family — all served with a fresh s’more made with Hershey’s chocolate!

It feels good to slow down, and I encourage you to do so more often. Ask your kids questions about the upcoming school year! Ask them about last week’s summer camp. Or talk about what their favorite song means. Enjoy your “camp out”!

This post is part of my participation in the Hershey’s Camp Bondfire campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.

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