Nutrisystem Week 1: Taking the plunge #NSNation

There comes a time when you know that it’s gotten out of control. You sneak food. All you can think about is your next meal and what you’re going to eat. You don’t eat to live, you live to eat.

I got to that point.

I couldn’t blame it on having babies, I couldn’t blame it on getting married and getting “comfortable” — sure, those are circumstances that have happened, but it’s not the reason I’m overweight. Spoons don’t cause obesity. People do! I know that I did this to myself, and now it’s time to change it. Enter Nutrisystem!

I had seen other bloggers completely overhaul their life using Nutrisystem — and I wanted to see if Nutrisystem could help me reach my ultimate weight loss goals! I started Nutrisystem a week ago, and I couldn’t be happier. The day that my Nutrisystem order arrived, I stepped back and knew that if I worked hard and stuck to the plan, I could really do this. 

You might be wondering why there are two sets of food. That’s because my darling husband is joining me in my weight loss journey! I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to have him doing this along side me. Not only do I love the fact that he’s getting healthy with me, but it helps to have both of us eating right. It’d be tough to do this if I saw him eating tempting foods!

But actually, that’s what I love so much about Nutrisystem. I don’t have to give up foods that I love — donuts, pizza, shakes, mac and cheese — I still get to eat all of those things! The biggest thing I’ve learned in my seven days of Nutrisystem is correct portion sizing. Man oh man was I way off! I am shocked at how much I was eating. Heaping bowls of cereal, four slices of pizza at a time … oh, yes. It was that bad. With Nutrisystem, everything is portioned perfectly for weight loss. There’s no calorie counting, no points. It’s perfect for a busy work at home mom of three like me.

I have to say that I feel incredibly powerful. I feel like my fate is in my hands, and that Nutrisystem is going to help me get to where I want to be. I can’t wait to share my journey with you!

So I bet you’re wondering…how much weight did I lose in my first 7 days? Let it be known that this is scary. I don’t *want* to post full body before pictures, but I know that it will help keep me accountable. So let’s do it quick, like a band-aid…

Oof. There it is. No hiding anymore. There she be. I’ll update these photos for every 10 pounds I lose. But here’s the good news…

I lost 3.8 pounds during my first week on Nutrisystem! Even better news? Andrew lost 8 pounds in his first week on Nutrisystem! That’s incredible. I’m a tinge jealous of men’s ability to drop weight like it’s no one’s business, but I’m incredibly proud of him!

I can’t wait to see what week 2 brings.

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  1. Holly Baker says

    I see your success! Conrats!! How does it taste? I tried shakes before and I almost gagged! Honestly. How is it?

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