Must Have Walking and Jogging Apps

I’ve embarked on my final weight loss journey, and to really overhaul my lifestyle, I have set out to become more active. I’ve really fallen in love with walking, jogging, and running. For me, seeing stats and figures really motivate me, so I set out to find the best apps that would help me reach my goals!

 1. Pedometer Free GPS+, Free. This is the app that started it all for me. A fellow blogger had been posting screenshots of her nightly walks, and I was intrigued. I loved the step count, and I knew I had to download it!  This is one powerful little app, and it will serve you well. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles, but it’s got enough to give you a good report! Once you finish your walk, you can open up the map to see where you went — love that! Want to brag? Easily upload your workout to Facebook or Twitter. It does offer more features if you purchase the full pack — daily goals, the ability to export data, etc. Free is enough for me! 

2. C25K™ – 5K Trainer, Free. You’ve probably heard of the Couch to 5K program that trains even the potato-iest couch lovers to run 3.1 miles. I’m currently using this program, and loving it! I like that it’s easy to use (just press start!), and that it is easy to read while it sits in the parent tray of my jogging stroller. Even if you’re more advanced, this is a great program to follow to establish a solid foundation. 

3. MapMyRun, Free. This bad boy is pretty loaded with features. The voice commands for distance, pace, and time are fantastic! If you’re listening to music, it will turn your tunes down a bit so you can hear your stats. The best part is probably the community that comes along with this app. You can see routes in your area that other local runners have completed, and even track your nutrition!

4. Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway, $4. You’ll have to shell out a few bones for this one, but it’s the Cadillac of 5K training apps. With in-app voice tips, time markers, and a music player that changes the beat of your music to match your pace, this app is crazy-cool! Already running a 5K? This app as a 7 week program for you to improve your time!

5. Walkmeter GPS Walking Stopwatch, $2.99. A little less expensive, but you wont sacrifice much! This app also has a couch to 5k-esque running plan that spans from beginners to marathoners, with a lot of little extras! Helpful tools like the ability start/stop using your headphones remote and over 150 spoken stats, you’ll love the detail that went into this app. Need a little help from your friends? Share your workout on Facebook when you head out, and hear their replies with text-to-voice feature! Go get ’em, tiger.


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    Couch to 5k has kicked my butt… in a good way. RunKeeper is another excellent free app you might want to try out. It is similar to MapMyRun. Love it.

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    I use 5K Runner along with MapMyRun. I start MapMyRun then my music, then enable 5K Runner (because the only thing I don’t like is if I close 5K Run it stops the route). I tried three or four other C25K apps (including the ones you mentioned) and like 5K Runner the best.

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    Hi. Do you happen to know if the Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway will work on an ipod touch without a internet connection? I noticed that is said ipod touch but wasn’t sure if this feature would work without internet. Thanks


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