Nutrisystem Week 3: Little By Little #NSNation

Today marks the end of week 3 on Nutrisystem! This last week, we have realized that we’ve eaten the meals that we would naturally gravitate towards, and that means we’re trying new things! I ordered a pretty big variety for my first shipment so that I can see what I like the best. A few days ago, I tried the Cranberry Orange Pastry for breakfast — SO GOOD. And it was pretty big! I’m glad I tried it, and I’ll definitely order it in my next month’s worth of food.

I was really nervous for this weeks weigh in. Last week, I weighed in at 200.0 pounds even, and I really was hoping that I’d never see a 2 in front of my weight ever again! So why was I so nervous? I know that this past week could have been a lot better. I had one off-plan meal. I felt like I needed a break, and it was a weak moment. We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, one of my favorites, and I ordered what I wanted. I had chicken strips, green beans, and some fries. Before Nutrisystem, I would have eaten my entire meal (probably in the 700+ calorie range), I ate until I was satisfied — not gut busting full. That was a small success even in a time where I was cheating.

I do have something really exciting on the horizon, though! Last week, I did a 3 mile walk. That might not sound like a big accomplishment, but here’s my set up:

Yes, that’s me with Maisy (20 pounds) in my Boba 3G Baby Carrier and pushing Micah in my Britax B-Agile Stroller. In the Arizona heat (usually 100F+ each time I walk — and that’s at about 9:00 AM!).

It’s not a terrible set up, but man! Maisy gets mighty heavy around 2 miles, and once she even fell asleep! I had so many people stop me and tell me that my baby had passed out from the heat. “Nope, she’s just sleeping, she’s ok!” So I now have this bad boy on it’s way to my house:

I am soooo excited to have my first real jogging stroller! I can’t wait. I think I’ll have Micah on his Power Wheel tractor, and Maisy in the stroller so that I can get a true workout in. It’s really surprising — since starting Nutrisystem and walking daily, I feel really crabby if I miss a day of exercise! Andrew has walked with me in the evenings, but I’ve been walking more in the morning time. I think once I get my new jogger in, I’ll want to walk twice a day — once in the morning, and again in the evening with Andrew!

The iPhone app is still my favorite and most-used feature of the Nutrisystem plan. I track my food, water, weight, and exercise in a snap, and I love it! Did you know that Nutrisystem also has an online community? It’s so great! You can chat with fellow Nutrisystem dieters, swap recipes, encourage each other, and learn really cool tips and tricks from the folks who have been on the program longer than you have. It’s just another way Nutrisystem does everything they can to make sure you succeed with your weight loss goals!

So how did we do this week?

I lost .2 pounds, bringing me out of the 200s, but just barely! That puts me at 7.6 pounds lost! With my slip up this week, I knew that I wouldn’t lose as much as I wanted. All the more reason to head into this week pumped up and motivated!

Andrew lost 2 pounds, bringing his total to 12 pounds! He has been doing great, and he even said that once he reaches his goal on Nutrisystem, he would totally still order the Coffee Protein Shakes because he loves them so much. He even compared them to Starbucks!

My goals for next week are:

  • Stay 100% ON PLAN!
  • Drink 64 oz. or more of water per day
  • Walk every day

I’m pumped up and ready to tackle the next seven days! Let’s go!

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  1. Angie M. says

    YAY!!! I’m so proud of you, Ashley!! I can’t believe you walk with that set up in 100+ heat. OMG. I can’t wait to continue to watch your journey!!

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