Nutrisystem Week 5: Water-gate and Running For My Life #NSNation

This is where weight loss gets fun, y’all. I feel like I’ve hit my stride, and eating right feels natural now. I don’t feel as tempted by junk food anymore. I’ve gone so long without true junk food that now I don’t even miss it all that much. Of course, it helps that with Nutrisystem, I get to eat dessert every day! We got our frozen shipment in last week, and these bad boys are my JAM:

These ice cream sandwiches are finger licking good. Literally! The little chocolate cookie pieces melt onto my finger tips as I eat — just like the ones I ate as a kid! I know I need to be good and ration these out a bit, but it’s so hard not to have one every night! Delish.

So I told you guys about how I’ve picked up running, right? I’ve kind of been running aimlessly without any structure, so I’ve decided to follow the Couch to 5K plan, and modify it a little bit since I’ve been running a little already. Well, last night I loaded up my travelling circus for my run: Emma (5) on her bike, Micah (3) on his Power Wheel, and Maisy (1) in the jogging stroller. We set out, and immediately I saw that the sky looked a little bit like rain.

I knew that my run was only going to take about 30 minutes, so I figured we could easily beat any rain, and if it did end up raining, I’d happily welcome the cool-down! About 15 minutes in to the run, things got really, really scary.  Lightning was literally hitting the vacant lots that I jog next to. It looked like someone was taking my picture with a high powered flash camera an inch from my face. I had all three kids with me, and I could only go as fast as Micah’s Power Wheel could drive. I immediately start calling Andrew, who had taken a different route for his walk. I knew he’d be closer to home, and he could come get us. I cannot even describe how helpless I felt — running, literally to save my skin, and with all three kids with me. I just wanted to scoop them all up with me and run as fast as I could to get them to safety! After about 5 missed calls, Andrew picked up and said, “I’m coming!” without me saying a thing. I just yelled “We’re on Crooked Creek!” and he pulled up in the minivan a few minutes later. We threw the jogger, Power Wheel, and bike in the back of the van and booked it out of there! We made it home safe, and just a few minutes after we walked in the door, the storm got noticeably stronger. I’m so glad we got home, and I never ever want to be running in that situation again! The good news, I suppose, is that now I know I can run faster and longer than I thought I could, haha! So here’s to that!

To prove that there’s never a dull moment in my life, once we got home from the run of doom, I saw on a local Facebook page that my suburb’s water supply is contaminated with E. coli! Fabulous. Since starting Nutrisystem, I literally drink a good gallon or gallon and a half of water a day — out of my fridge door dispenser. Thankfully, we haven’t gotten sick, but we went out and bought a big ol’ jug of water so that I can have my water for today. I’ve noticed that when I think I’m feeling hungry or if a craving strikes, I need to take a big swig of water and wait a few minutes. If I’m still hungry after that, then it’s true hunger. Most of the time, I’m just thirsty and I don’t realize it! 

The Weigh In

So how did we do this week? I weighed in at 193.8 (OMG), a 3 pound loss for the week, which puts me at a total of  13.6 pounds down in 5 weeks! I can’t wait for next week. When I got pregnant with Maisy, I was 193.5, and I can’t wait to beat that!

Andrew weighed in without a loss or gain this week. We are closing on our second home purchase in a year tonight, and he’s really been the driving force behind dealing with the mortgage companies, appraisers, Realtors, and that whole mess, and I know that it’s been so incredibly stressful for him (thanks for all your hard work, babe!).

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  1. says

    Just stumbled on your blog through pinterest and it sounds like we live in the same area lol (the e coli scare) I can’t believe your running In this heat I was running 4 miles up until it got hot and then I pretty much died and stopped (and I’m preggo) I’m going to start training for a half marathon when I pop ths kiddo out (hopefully in the next few weeks!) good luck on your weight loss!!

    • says

      How cool that you’re from my neck of the woods! I try to get out and run before it gets *too* hot, but even at 8:00 AM it’s just miserable. I started running at night at about 7:30 after the sun completely goes down, and it’s STILL horrendous. Hang in there — I can’t imagine being as pregnant as you are in this weather!

  2. Holly Baker says

    Okay! Okay! I have read weeks 1-5, now. I am getting convinced! Thank you for blogging about this. You may not get a lot of comments, but I am grateful you are documenting your journey. If you can do it with 3 sweeties, I can do it with 2 sweeties. I enjoy reading your posts. It is like a good novel. I am excited to see where you currently are with your goals. I won’t read the ending, yet. I will stick in order. I am checking out NS!


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