Nutrisystem Week 6: We’ve Moved! and I’m exhausted. #NSNation #Spon

I went into this week with a lot of excitement, and a lot of dread. I was so looking forward to living in our new house that we had just purchased, but totally dreading the actual move. I did really well with my weigh in last week, and I was nervous that the chaos of moving would affect my eating plan. I knew I’d stockpiled some of the Nutrisystem Apple Strudel bars for breakfast so that I would have a quick, easy to grab meal first thing in the morning. These are so, so good. They’re one of Andrew’s favorites, too!

Knowing that I had my food at the ready helped a lot with the anxiety of this move. Was I totally perfect this week? Unfortunately, no. It was the final day of the move, and Andrew and I had done it entirely on our own, with no one to help with either the move or the three kids. We were so incredibly worn out, physically and emotionally. So, we went out to In-N-Out and had burgers and fries. It certainly wasn’t on plan, but man, it hit the spot! I will say that the next few days were filled with some worry about how that cheat would affect my weigh in for the week. The sodium itself was probably more than I’m allowed in a day!

I don’t have a ton of news on the running front since I haven’t had a chance to map out a new route in our new neighborhood.  I’m so ready to get it figured out, though! I’ve found that I get really crabby when I don’t get a chance to work out. Again, another reason I was nervous for this week’s weigh in! I just did my best to make sure I drank buckets of water. It wasn’t really that hard since it was 108 degrees while we moved. Yucktastic.

The Weigh In

This week, I lost 1.4 pounds, weighing in at 192.4! That’s 15 pounds — GONE! Andrew lost 3 pounds this week, bringing his total to 18 pounds! So see? Even with the most hectic week ever where I didn’t even get a chance to run, we lost weight on Nutrisystem!

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      Hi G! I’ve been eating with the same guidelines as the Women’s Success plan, and while on the plan, they recommend that you get in 30 minutes of physical activity a day. I believe that the Nutrisystem dietitians have recommended that if you’re doing heavy duty physical activity that you add in an additional Power Fuel or SmartCarb. I can check in with them and let you know!

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