OtterBox Review and Giveaway

I tend to go through phones quickly. No, not because I’m spoiled, or because I just *have* to have the latest and greatest.

It’s because I have kids. Kids break things.

Ok, I’ll be honest — the one time that I closed my phone in the trunk of my minivan, shattering the screen, that was my fault. But I was rushing to buckle in my 3 year old! So see? His fault, totally ;).

My poor husband is so tired of me and my phone breaking issues, and understandably so. I mean, I’m on my third phone since the fall of 2011. I was pestering him for an iPhone, and he relented. I knew that I’d need to protect this bad boy from drops, falls, toddler tosses, and everything in between. Friends of mine had raved about the OtterBox cases, and I figured if their phones had lived this long inside of an OtterBox, my phone at least had a fighting chance!

OtterBox came out with a new line that is a part of the Defender series called the Studio collection, and they have come super cute patterns available! I chose the celestial print, and I’m in love with it!


I’ve dropped it once — oops — and it’s held up beautifully! There’s just a little tiny scuff mark where it hit the concrete, but the iPhone is safe and sound! I don’t worry (as much) about my kids using it to play games or watch videos. The only thing I’m still getting used to is the plastic shield that covers the screen. Occasionally, I need to tap something a couple of times for it to register, but that could be operator error ;).

A little tidbit of trivia: The name OtterBox is derived from the fact that the otter’s coat is waterproof, just like the first line of OtterBox cases! Clever, huh?

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with OtterBox! And they’re not just for Apple prouducts, either. They have a huge array of cases that will protect your device, be it a Blackberry, Android, tablet, and more!

Want to win an OtterBox case, up to $50 in value? You betcha. 

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  1. Jeannette Laframboise says

    For the “Freckleberry Finds” on Pinterest, the link is dead and I tried searching and couldn’t find it. Please let me know where I can find it. Thanks!

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