FREE Birthday Bowl from Genghis Grill!


When dining out, I always try to find the healthiest option possible that will please the entire family. Genghis Grill is just that! And now, they have a loyalty program where you can get a free bowl on your birthday! I don't know about you, but I could so go for one of these Chicken Teriyaki Bowls right now:  You can sign up for the loyalty program here. Be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with deals and happenings at Genghis Grill! … [Read more...]

FRANKENWEENIE Inspired Recipes — Salty Bones, Batty Cupcakes, Mummy Pizzas and more!

Batty Cupcakes

Disney's FRANKENWEENIE hits theatres October 5 -- be sure to catch it! In the mean time, enjoy these ghoulish goodies. Click an image to open a printable PDF.  Batty Cupcakes Funny Bones Pizza Mummies Salty Bones Sweet Skulls Worms in Dirt … [Read more...]

Enter to win a $20 Crate and Barrel Gift Card!

Crate and Barrel Banner

Click here to enter! … [Read more...]

Friday Giveaway Linky 9/28

mega gift card giveaway

Happy Friday! Here's what I'm giving away this week: Four $100 Gift Cards - Winner's Choice! 9/30 Free Smart Ones Product 9/28 Be sure to print your $2 off coupon! $30 to Sweet Birdie Boutique, 10/5 Mega Bloks 3 Story Lil' Princess Enchanted Castle, 10/8 Morphology or Morphology Junior, 10/11 … [Read more...]

Free Weight Watchers Daily Food Log Printable

Food Log Printable Image

You asked, I answered. You wanted a free printable food log to use while you follow weight watchers, so I made one for you! Hooray! All I ask is that before you print it out, please click "Pin It" and pin it to your Pinterest board. Thanks, Freckleberries! Click here for the printable PDF! Make sure you check out my monthly fitness log printable, too! Are you ready to start losing weight? Let me show you how to follow the Weight Watchers program for free! I have online calculators, food lists, and more! Want more weight loss freebies? Here ya go! You can read all of my weight loss posts here. Be sure to follow my weight loss board on Pinterest --- I post TONS of great finds just like this one! … [Read more...]

Getting Creative with Morphology Junior – Review & Giveaway

Micah Pieces

I've been making a conscious effort to shut off the TV and get my kids' brains fired up. I loved playing games as a kid, and so when I was introduced to Morphology, I wanted to give it a go! There are two different Morphology games --- the regular Morphology is for ages 13+, and Morphology Junior is for ages 8 and up. I knew that I would have to modify the play a little bit since my kiddos are 5 and 3, but we had such a blast! Micah and I sat down to play one morning and I was so pleased with how creative his little mind was! How to play The basic gist is this: While moving frog pieces around a board, teams of players must guess the word on a card that their morphologist has chosen. You can decide as a group if you're going to do easy or hard, and if you're going to read the hints or not. I love that the option to help younger kids is there! You have 60 seconds for your team to guess the creation that the morphologist has made -- but there's a catch. If you draw "brush teeth", … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 10: Peaks and Pits #NSNation

fudge graham bar

I know in my video updates I've mentioned how I love to have a salad along with a meal bar for my lunch, but I've never told you guys what kinds of bars Nurtisystem has to offer! This, my friends, is the Fudge Graham Bar, and my BFF. With little crispy graham pieces and chocolate chips inside, eating this fudge coated bar feels like I'm cheating, but I'm eating 100% on plan! I love knowing that if I have a chocolate craving, I have a sensible way of nipping that craving in the bud! Other lunch bar varieties include a Chocolate Caramel Bar, Trail Mix Bar, Double Chocolate Caramel Bar, and the Chocolate Raspberry Bar. Drool. Kids and junk. Now that Nutrisystem has given me a better idea of what we should and should not be eating, I've been determined to overhaul my kids' eating habits. They do their fair share of healthy eating, but it seems like every healthy choice they make is later cancelled out by junk. Before Nutrisystem (and even during the first week or so), we would buy … [Read more...]

Personal Bests and Ice, Ice, Baby


I have been doing a lot of indoor working out lately with my Ripped in 30 DVD as well as Pilates, but I was starting to miss being outside. So the other day I hitched up the kids and assembled them into our traveling circus formation and we hit the road. I knew I wouldn't be able to really RUN it, since I can only go as fast as my kids can bike and Power Wheel, but it was great to get out and get moving! I love Maisy's little feet peeking through the window of her jogger. What a peach! It was such a beautiful day, too --- this was early in the morning, and it was only about 80 degrees. That is heaven on Earth for Arizona, lemme tell ya. I didn't run hard for this short walk, but I did an easy jog. Told you it was a quick walk ;). I done busted my foot. So last night I was in a crabby mood and I knew it was because I hadn't gotten my work out in for the day, so I suited up and got ready to run. Andrew was home so I asked if I could leave all three kids with him while I … [Read more...]

We love our new Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess 3 Story Enchanted Castle! [Review & Giveaway]

our castle

With two princesses in the house, we are always in full-on royal mode. It's pretty much a daily thing for Emma to ask me to introduce her to the room with a booming, "Introducing her royal highness, Emma Marie!" Diva, I know. So when I found out that Mega Bloks has a new line of Lil' Princess themed First Builders toys out, I had to jump in on the fun! The Lil' Princess collection has all the building and mix and match fun of Mega Bloks with a delightfully royal twist! I knew that the second this baby arrived it would be a major hit --- I was right! We opened it up, and I was so surprised at how big it could really get! I knew it said three story, but man, they meant it! Check it out! Loaded with fun surprises! There's a few features that I want to point out that I LOVE! See the princess up top? There's a slider that you can move back and forth, and she spins! Such a fun extra! The Enchanted Castle is packed with even more features: Big sparkling tower … [Read more...]

Win $30 to Sweet Birdie Boutique!

yellow dress

So I don't know about you, but I am constantly drooling over adorable handmade clothes for my kids --- mostly because I have ZERO sewing skills, and I just WISH I could whip up something as gorgeous as these finds from Sweet Birdie Boutique: How gorgeous is that bedding?! And those shoes? I die. Want to win $30 to Sweet Birdie Boutique? Enter below! Make sure you head over to the Sweet Birdie Boutique website and LIKE your fave item :). a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]