Grumpy Runs, Mosquitoes, and Pretty Sunsets

This morning my 1 year old, Maisy, decided that 5:30ish was a perfectly acceptable wake up time. I took that as her saying that she wanted to go out on our run before it got hot! I dug through all of my laundry (I’m still sorting it all out from the big move) and couldn’t find my favorite running pants. I settled on my least favorite pair (super baggy, ugh!) and we headed out. I was a ball of grumpiness — being woken up early and not being able to find my clothes, but I knew that once I finished my run, I’d be a happy camper. I was!

It was my first run in my new subdivision, so while I had driven the route before, I wasn’t totally sure that it was stroller friendly. I was so happy to find that not only was it 100% flat sidewalks, but there were ramps at every corner! I hated running through the neighborhood at our old sub — the sidewalk slanted at every driveway, and it would wreck my ankles each time.

I set out prepared for a sweltering run, but since the sun was barely rising, I was pleased to see that I didn’t even need my sunglasses! It was about 85F or so when we started, so it wasn’t too hot at all in comparison to the 100+ degrees it would be later on in the day. I had gotten dressed to run a few nights ago, but stepped outside and was instantly eaten alive by mosquitoes and it was miserably hot, but the sunset was gorgeous!

So instead of running that night, we walked to the park and had a play sesh. Still fun, and still got eaten alive by mosquitoes!

I hadn’t run in a few days, mostly because I was physically wiped out from moving since Andrew and I did it 100% ourselves, so this run wasn’t as fast or as far as I would have liked to have gone, but I was pleased with it. There were lots of dog walkers and they all said good morning to me. I hate it when I smile and manage a “Good Morning!” while I’m gasping for breath and they don’t even respond!

Even while I bust my rear to finish these runs, I know I’m not the fastest, and I know I certainly don’t run the farthest, but I’m doing it. Like they say: No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch!

Ooh, and you guys — I have a progress picture that I’ll be posting on Wednesday in my weekly Nutrisystem post! EEEEP! I can’t wait to show you!

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