How White is Your Smile? Gain Smile Confidence with Rembrandt & REACH!

I took my kiddos to the dentist for the first time a few days ago, and I was so incredibly nervous.  Emma tends to really freak out in unfamiliar situations, and Micah was just clueless as to what was going on. I was so terrified that they would have cavities, or need some dental work done. We arrived at the pediatric dentist, and the kids immediately ran to the Ms. Pac Man machine (…and so did I after checking in at the front desk), and they were happy as clams. We went back, and each kid took x-rays like a champ, and they even got to watch a little bit of Dora the Explorer while they got their teeth cleaned! I was tempted to have a seat myself so I could relax!

I was so happy when the dentist told me that they got a stellar report — no cavities! Micah has two teeth that he needs to get aggressive with, but other than that, we’re in the clear! I was so relieved.

First Impressions

Your smile says a lot about you. Did you know that people with white teeth are perceived to be 65% more professional and 51% more confident? I know that I always want to give the best first impression that I can, and my smile is a big part of that!

Gettin’ White and Bright

For the past few weeks, I’ve been brushing with the Rembrandt system — primarily the Intense Stain toothpaste. It is designed to keep your smile sparkling and effectively remove deep stains from coffee and wine while removing 60% more stains than the leading toothpaste. I have tried many whitening products in the past, and I have to say that the Rembrandt system can certainly do the job! It seems to whiten my teeth instantly, and I love that the toothpaste is light and bubbly, not thick and gritty. I’ve had absolutely zero sensitivity issues, and that’s a huge plus for me!

In addition to the Rembrandt system, I’ve been brushing with a REACH toothbrush and floss!

The REACH Total Care brush is really innovative — it’s the only toothbrush delivering whitening power with MICRAWHITENING™ Calcium Carbonate bristles. That, my friends, is pretty smart! I love that I’m whitening while I brush, with my brush!

Want to win?

Rembrandt and REACH have teamed up to offer one lucky Freckleberry Finds reader a Rembrandt and REACH prize pack valued up to $45! Enter to win below.
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  1. says

    Oh I just love it!!! Ha! Ha! Funny girl!! I absolutely hate it. I have had so much work on my teeth I could have bought a dodge viper at least. i have bad teeth and I don’t know why exactly. I do take care of them. ? Heriditary!!

  2. Jamie Anderson says

    Oh definitely, I LOVE the dentist! I feel so clean when I leave, nothing better then a perfectly clean set of chops :)

    Jamie Anderson
    msjamesteagall@yahoo dot com

  3. Nee Brown says

    Call me a weirdo, but I really don’t mind going to the dentist. I don’t necessarily look forward to it, but I don’t hate it or anything.

  4. Carolyn N. says

    I cannot say that I enjoy going to the Dentist, but recently I found a new Dentist who makes any dental work much more bearable!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

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