I decided to #TrySnapshot with Progressive!

Aside from the fact that my uncle once told me that Flo, the gal on the Progressive commercials, reminded him of me, I didn’t know much about snapshot at all. I had no idea that it was literally something that you plugged in to your car and drove around with!

So I popped that little bad boy into my minivan and let it do it’s thing. I drove normally, dropping kids off at school, running to the grocery store and the like. When you try snapshot, you then get to see your driving history and how it can save you money! Turns out, my driving habits can save me an EXTRA 5% off of Progressive’s rate! That’s pretty awesome, considering I’m just doing what I’m already doing — driving! It measures your driving in a few different ways: hard brakes, rapid acceleration, and miles driven. My overall score was a B. Not too shabby!

Progressive is providing a Team Flo swag bag for one lucky reader! Enter below.
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  1. Amanda Raney says

    Typically zero. But when I do drive, it’s less than an hour (save for long trips every couple months to visit family).

  2. michelle warner says

    i spend about 4 hours a day in the car, drive to work and drive home, it is ok, i brink a book or something to do

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