Nutrisystem Week 10: Peaks and Pits #NSNation

I know in my video updates I’ve mentioned how I love to have a salad along with a meal bar for my lunch, but I’ve never told you guys what kinds of bars Nurtisystem has to offer!

This, my friends, is the Fudge Graham Bar, and my BFF. With little crispy graham pieces and chocolate chips inside, eating this fudge coated bar feels like I’m cheating, but I’m eating 100% on plan! I love knowing that if I have a chocolate craving, I have a sensible way of nipping that craving in the bud! Other lunch bar varieties include a Chocolate Caramel Bar, Trail Mix Bar, Double Chocolate Caramel Bar, and the Chocolate Raspberry Bar. Drool.

Kids and junk.

Now that Nutrisystem has given me a better idea of what we should and should not be eating, I’ve been determined to overhaul my kids’ eating habits. They do their fair share of healthy eating, but it seems like every healthy choice they make is later cancelled out by junk.

Before Nutrisystem (and even during the first week or so), we would buy soda all the time. I was a true addict when it came to Diet Dr. Pepper. I could easily go through a 12 pack of pop in two days. I can’t even imagine what it has done to my insides. The worst part is that the kids would sneak sips of our soda. Not only is that caffeine totally unnecessary (they’re plenty wired up all on their own!), but the chemicals that go into soda just skeeve me out. I can happily say that we don’t buy soda anymore. I can’t remember the last time I bought a case of it! I look at it now as a rare treat — I only have it if we go to a sit down restaurant (we don’t eat fast food anymore!).

Anyway. The kids seem to have an aversion to anything that isn’t pizza or corn dogs. It makes my heart hurt when I make them a healthy meal and they flat out reject it. What do I do? Tell them that they can either eat the food I make or nothing at all? I’d love y’all’s advice. 

Peak and Pit

On Monday I went for a run. I was crabby and I knew that it was because I hadn’t gotten exercise in for the day, so off I went. I was solo, which is a true rarity — I always have at least Maisy in the jogger — so I was looking forward to what my true pace would be. I was super impressed with myself! I ran 2.56 miles with an average pace of 13:20, which is a new personal best! That was definitely the peak of the run.

…Then the pit. Around the start of mile 2, I felt a shooting pain in my left ankle. I am pretty sure I’ve got a grade I sprain (because I’m an MD and all). I’ve spent the past day and a half icing it for 20 minutes every hour. I am really looking forward to going running on the beach when we visit Texas in 9 days (!!!), and I will be really sad if my ankle isn’t up to it. I’ll keep babying it for another day or so and see how it feels. Bah. I really don’t want to be injured!

The Weigh In

Despite being unable to run for the past few days, I’ve got a great weigh in this week! I weighed in at 183.8 pounds, which is a 2.2 pound loss for the week! That puts me at a total loss of 23.6 pounds. Every week, I’m blown away by the total. I can’t wait to see it climb even higher!

Andrew weighed in without a loss or gain this week. It’s normal for weight loss to slow down a little, so he’s gonna keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. shannon says

    I am so sorry about your ankle! This is why I am scared to death about by 10 mile race in TWO WEEKS. omg

    I asked Harley’s teacher the other day if she ate her lunch; she hates everything in my house except for marshmallows and dinosaur chickens. You know what her teacher said? That she eats all of her lunch every day, except for the sweets. WHAT? I asked her if she was sure she was talking about the right kid. She was. From now on, she gets what we get. I am tired of the battles. If she doesn’t want it, that is her deal. I do keep the plate out until she goes to bed and I find she will go back and nibble on most of it by the time we go upstairs.

    congrats on the NS success!!

    • says

      Oh, man. I’ll be thinking about you and your poor body during that race!! Don’t get hurt!

      I need to get tougher, I know. If I don’t buy it, they can’t have it, right? *sigh*

  2. says

    I feel really badly that you hurt your foot and that it’s kinda slowed you down, but wow, you’ve been having such great success. Congrats! And now you’ve freaked me out a touch because I am literally sitting here with an open Diet Dr. Pepper.

    • says

      LOL! A few months ago, I’d have a DDP open, too! It’s weird, because the taste of diet soda is so crazy-sweet to me, now. Like drinking pure sugar! Thanks for the kind words :).

  3. diane says

    sorry to hear you got hurt! It was a great weight loss week even with the injury. Hope you heal up quickly. That bar looks delicious by the way!

  4. says

    Oh, no! I hope your ankle gets better quickly! Regarding your daughter…I’m not a parent, so this may be easier said than done. I say you have her eat what you make or nothing else. You can definitely have her give input, though! We all have those healthy foods we can’t stand. From personal experience, I beg you not to let her make her own meals all the time as an alternative. That’s how I gained a lot of weight, because I’d make such unhealthy food when my parents used that. Good luck! And 2.2 pounds?!?! Awesome!

  5. says

    So sorry about your ankle but I know that you will be better sooner than later! Our bodies are so fragile and as women we are always taking care of everyone else first. Make your health a priority and take care :)

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