Nutrisystem Week 7: Coffee Shakes and SWAT Teams #NSNation

I am officially declaring myself hooked on the coffee Nutrisystem protein shakes! Andrew always orders 4 boxes of coffee shakes, but I would always mix it up for variety and order some chocolate and vanilla. I’ve seen the light. The chocolate and vanilla are totally great, too—I still order one box of each in case I have a chocolate or vanilla craving — but I order two boxes of the coffee! There is also a strawberry flavor, and while it’s good, I prefer the other three :).

This was a good week on nutrisystem for the both of us. After a hectic move, we were able to settle back into our routine. I also finally went out for a run in our new neighborhood! I was pleased to see that all of the sidewalks in our subdivision are stroller friendly. It makes for a smoother run for sure!

SWAT Invasion

So we had an eventful day yesterday. I was planning on taking my run in the evening since I’d had a really busy morning, but my plans were derailed by about 35 police cars and an entire SWAT team! Apparently, a guy had barricaded himself into a home in my subdivision to avoid the police. He was suspected of a pretty gnarly and violent crime (I wont get into details because it’s gruesome!) and our entire area including an elementary school was placed on lock down! We live in a suburb that doesn’t have it’s own news channel or even a newspaper, so we were kind of in the dark as to if/when the situation was resolved, and I figured it probably wasn’t the best idea to go out jogging by myself with my 1 year old in tow while a fugitive was on the loose! So yesterday’s run didn’t happen :(. Boo!

Football Season. Uh oh.

Before living here in Arizona, we lived in Nebraska for two years. My husband was born and raised there, and so we are a Husker family through and through. The first football game was on Saturday, and I didn’t realize how much food and football went hand in hand for me! I would always make queso, pies, cookies, cupcakes, or some other not-so-good-for-me food to munch on while we watched the game. I’ll admit that I made a big crock pot full of queso on Saturday, and had a little bit. It was enough to give me the feel of football season, but I didn’t gorge on it like I would have in the past. I think the universe knew that I would have been tempted by the queso leftovers all week long, though! I was sitting in the living room and started to smell something burning. I thought I’d put the crock pot on warm, but it was on low — burning the heck out of the left over queso! I tossed the rest. Will power, built right in ;).

Photo Progress!

My jeans were starting to get pretty loose, and they were getting pretty worn out anyway, so I headed to Target to pick up a new pair. Andrew made a good point and said that it’s silly to spend a lot on new clothes if we’re just going to shrink out of them, so I found a cute pair on sale and they fit like a glove! I couldn’t believe that the first pair I picked up fit me beautifully. Check me out, yo!

Whaaat?! It’s amazing to see my starting photo next to it. I can’t believe the difference in my hips and waist. I’ll be honest — the reason I am wearing work out pants in the week 1 picture is because my jeans were too tight to wear. Now those jeans that were too small 7 weeks ago are too BIG for me! I feel amazing, and I look forward to Wednesday weigh ins. I’m working on convincing my incredibly camera shy husband to take a progress picture, too. He has made a lot of progress, too. He has gone down three belt notches since starting Nutrisystem!

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 189.4 pounds — a solid 3 pound loss for the week! That brings my total to 18 pounds! I can’t believe it. Andrew lost 1 pound this week, bringing his total to 19 pounds! We’re both so close to our second Nutribear!

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    Wow, that swat issue is definitely scary! I think that’s a justified skipped workout. eek!

    What an awesome success! I love the new jeans! You are both rockin’ it! Keep it up!

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