Nutrisystem Week 9: 10% off! …I ain’t talkin’ about a sale. #NSNation

So French toast. Flippin’ amazing, right? Right. But you’re ready to overhaul your eating habits and you don’t want to give up the goods. Not a problem! Nutrisystem has an amazing French Toast that I am in LOVE with.

ERMAHGERD, y’all. This bad boy in a toaster, with a little drizzle of sugar free syrup? I die. It’s amazingly light, fluffy, and sweet! I always get super excited when a shipment of frozen food arrives because I so look forward to these!

Mixing up my workouts

I posted earlier this week about adding in some strength training and Pilates into my workout line up. It’s been anything but easy! I hurt in places I never knew could hurt! Pilates is no joke, man. It’s both encouraging to know that I’m getting through these workouts, but also a little discouraging because I struggle with it. But I suppose the stuff that hurts, burns, and makes you sweat is the stuff that works!

I think my goals for next week are to work out 5 days a week again, and for at least 3 of those workouts to be either Pilates or my Ripped in 30 DVD. It’s so difficult to find the time to get exercise in, but I definitely notice a difference in how I feel (and how much I weigh!) when I’m unable to fit it in. I know now that I will never FIND the time. I must MAKE the time!

I’m shrinking!

So here’s some pretty exciting news! I took my measurements on July 20, and I finally got around to measuring myself again! Want to know how many inches I lost? It’s kind of insane.

So y’all. That’s 17.5 inches GONE! That’s crazy talk. 

I also dug out my Nebraska shirt (Go Big Red!) because it’s football season again! Want to see what I used to look like, and what I look like now? Sure you do!

My clothes just fit so much better, and I am infinitely more comfortable in my skin. I distinctly remember posing for the photo on the left, thinking to myself, “Oh man, she’s totally going to take a full body shot,” and cringing inside. Now, I am known to routinely pose in front of my full length mirrors.

The Weigh In

I weighed in at 186 pounds even (a .8 pound loss for the week), making my loss 21.4 pounds! That’s a HUGE milestone, because that means I’ve officially lost over 10% of my starting body weight! Whaaat?! It might seem like a bummer of a week with a little loss, but I’ve been preparing myself for a slow down, and with all of these non-scale victories, I’m still super pumped up and ready to keep losing!

Andrew weighed in with a loss of 3 pounds this week, bringing his total loss to 23 pounds! YES! His clothes are fitting him in a completely new way, and he’s lookin’ pretty good!

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  1. Shannon says

    Look at you go! I have been working on weightloss too. So far I’m down 11 pounds in 5 weeks. I still have a ton more to go. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Are you taking classes or doing DVDs at home?

    • says

      Congrats on the 11 pounds! That’s amazing! So far, I’m doing everything at home — running around my subdivision, doing DVDs, or just YouTube workouts :). Keep up the great work!

  2. Roxana says

    Congrats on the fabulous weight loss darling! You’re doing marvellously, keep going! Sending you my love and support,


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