Personal Bests and Ice, Ice, Baby

I have been doing a lot of indoor working out lately with my Ripped in 30 DVD as well as Pilates, but I was starting to miss being outside. So the other day I hitched up the kids and assembled them into our traveling circus formation and we hit the road. I knew I wouldn’t be able to really RUN it, since I can only go as fast as my kids can bike and Power Wheel, but it was great to get out and get moving!

I love Maisy’s little feet peeking through the window of her jogger. What a peach! It was such a beautiful day, too — this was early in the morning, and it was only about 80 degrees. That is heaven on Earth for Arizona, lemme tell ya. I didn’t run hard for this short walk, but I did an easy jog.

Told you it was a quick walk ;).

I done busted my foot.

So last night I was in a crabby mood and I knew it was because I hadn’t gotten my work out in for the day, so I suited up and got ready to run. Andrew was home so I asked if I could leave all three kids with him while I ran, and he was super sweet and hung with the kidlets — I always take Maisy with me, so I was really excited to see how my time would differ since I wasn’t pushing a stroller!

Well, I started the run and was able to run for quite a while. Right after mile 1, I felt a shooting pain in my left ankle. I slowed down my pace quite a bit and took it easy. The last thing I want is to be sidelined because of an injury! I kept the slower pace for a half mile or so, and it felt a little better. So I picked it back up and finished out the run strong.

So check that out, y’all. Average pace of 13:20! That’s a personal best! Go meeeee!

Then I got home.

And I realized that my ankle wasn’t 100% okay. I can walk on it, but it smarts a little, so I’ve been icing it for 20 minutes every hour to try and shake it off. I am so terrified of injuring myself! Fingers crossed that icing it and rest will make me right as rain!

Tomorrow is my week 10 Nutrisystem weigh in, and I’m anxious to see how I’ve done this week! I usually get in a fierce last chance work out the night before weigh in, but I might have to just settle for some yoga tonight so I don’t further injure myself. Namaste, yo!


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    Thats awesome! Its Fall here now so I am super excited to drag my daughter around in her BOB stroller and get in some exercise while there is a chill in the air! Good luck tomorrow with your weight in!

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