Rock ‘N Learn Ready For School DVD Review & Giveaway

Rock ‘N Learn has released another DVD that you’ve got to see! They have created a preschool line of DVDs that my kids have fallen in love with. We have been watching “Ready for School” for the past few weeks, and not only do they know all the words and request the DVD over some of their other favorites, but they’re LEARNING! My 3 year old has learned a few more letters that he didn’t know, and my 5 year old absolutely loves the shoe tying lesson.

┬áThis DVD has segments teaching your kiddos how to tie their shoes, print their letters, getting dressed, cleaning your room, and listening skills. I love having this DVD in the car — if we’re going to have to commute a little bit, then they may as well be learning on the way! ;)

Want to win a copy of Ready For School from the Rock ‘N Learn Preschool series? Enter below!


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