Tackled the 5K, and I ate a mosquito. Yup.

I’ve been crazy swamped with blog work lately, and I’ve been dying to get out and get some running in. Here in Arizona, we’ve actually had RAIN OMG, and so with that comes cloud cover — which means relief from the merciless sunshine. For example, as I write this at 10:41 AM, it’s only 84 degrees — 84!! That’s incredible!

So Saturday night, the whole fam loaded up and went for a casual walk. You know, setting a good example and all of that jazz.

You probably can’t see Emma on her bike waaaay up ahead, but she’s there! Micah usually rides his power wheel on our walks, but he had been driving it all afternoon in the back yard, so I wasn’t sure if the charge would make it through the end of the walk. About halfway through, I wanted to split off and run a little, and take a longer route home to get a couple of miles in. Emma decided she wanted to go with me, and I figured she could handle it. Not two minutes later, she told me that her legs were tired. We went a little but farther, then turned to head home. About 3/10 of a mile later, she abandoned her bike. Great. I knew she really had to be tired, so I walked her bike back (and still pushed Maisy in the jogger!) the rest of the way home. Check out our super impressive stats:

I was kind of bummed to not be able to take advantage of the cool night, but I told myself that the next day, I would run a 5k. The last time I have done a 5k was in elementary school. A friends mom asked if my friend and I wanted to do it, and I said sure. I clearly did not realize how far a 5k was! We about died in the south Texas heat, and I think we even turned around early on the out-and-back course. Cheaters, we were!

So I decided that Sunday was the day. I waited until late afternoon, and the cloud cover was decent. I didn’t even have to wear sunglasses, which really helps me with my breathing. I wasn’t able to RUN the entire thing — i may have walked 20% of the whole thing — but I DID IT. No turning around, no cheating. Maisy was a dream, too! I brought a pack of chocolate graham crackers and just kept handing them to her if she got ticked (she only had three).

Maybe 1.8 miles in or so, the route called for me to turn. Once I rounded the corner, the pavement ended. Whaaat?!

Thankfully, the pavement across the street started back up within half a mile or so. Like I mentioned, it had rained a lot recently and so the stroller was not liking the mud (although it did handle it as well as it could!). With lots of rain comes bugs. Mosquitoes in fact. Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” was playing, and I was cranking out a good sprint, when WOOSH a mosquito flew into my mouth. It took me by surprise and before I knew it, I had swallowed it. Flying insects, 1. Ashley, 0.

All bugging out aside, I finished the run! Here I am all sweaty and red-faced:

(Ignore my smudgy eyeliner and godawful roots — I told you I’ve been busy!)

BOOSH. I’m happy with it. I’m excited to work on my pace and to head back out again :).


  1. Angie M. says

    Sorry, I can’t focus on what you wrote because of that gawd awful smudgy eyeliner. @@
    You look and did GREAT!!!! Congrats!!!!! I’m so beyond proud to call you my friend. You’ve accomplished so much and these updates are most certainly an inspiration to me. Great work! xo

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