The VTech InnoTab 2 is perfect for preschoolers and beyond!

This, my friends, is the mack daddy of all kids learning handhelds. The Vtech InnoTab 2 has proven itself to be the tablet to beat with features like a rotating camera, video recorder, MP3 player and more!

Why we love it.

If you’ll recall, my 3 year old son has a Vtech MobiGo 2. I knew that my 5 year old daughter, Emma, would absolutely fall in love with the InnoTab 2! Like the MobiGo 2, the InnoTab 2 also works in conjunction with the Learning Lodge software that features a game, ebook, and app marketplace (that takes PayPal! yes!). I love the Learning Lodge software because it lets me track my kiddo’s progress while they play and learn. Again, like the MobiGo 2, you receive a few free downloads to get you started.


Emma’s favorite part of the InnoTab 2 has to be the rotating camera and video recorder. She can make movies, take silly pictures, and document anything her heart desires. In fact, have you ever wondered if you were a dinosaur…?

This is hilarious. I found this gem after sitting down with her InnoTab 2 after she fell asleep so I could play with it (yes, really). I love that it’s fostering her creativity, and showing me what goes on in the upstairs bathroom, haha!

Like the MobiGo 2, the InnoTab 2 has motion activated games — super cool! I love that the library is pretty much endless. With so many eBooks, games, and activities, it’s like the InnoTab 2 keeps evolving along with my growing child.


The InnoTab 2 isn’t a fragile tablet — it’s built kid tough, and I don’t worry one bit about letting my kids carry it around the house or lay in bed with it. I love that it has a kickstand built into the back so that your kiddo can stand it up if necessary. It is equipped with easy to grip sides, and the touch screen is kid-friendly.

Buy It

The Vtech InnoTab 2 retails for $79.99. You can purchase it online from Vtech.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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