The VTech MobiGo2 is just plain AWESOME

We’ve all had it happen. Our personal smart phones, tablets, and other electronics get hijacked by our kids. I know that personally, my iPhone has more kiddy apps than any other kind!

Well, my friends. It’s time to take back our gadgets. Have no fear, the Vtech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System is here.


Keeping up with the latest video game trends, the VTech MobiGo 2 has a feature that really surprised me — motion controls! One of the pre-loaded apps, Hamster Highway, is a racing game where the player controls the hamster rolling along the road in his ball by tilting the MobiGo 2 side to side. It’s super cool, to say the least.

The stand out feature for me is the touch screen. It’s so easy for my 3 year old, Micah, to select games and activities with just a tap. I worried a little about how well he would pick up the MobiGo 2 — it seemed a little advanced for him while I read the description. But once it arrived, I handed it to him, gave him a few basic directions, and he was off!

The slide out keyboard is still a little out of Micah’s knowledge zone, but I love that it’s a true QWERTY keyboard so that the foundation for keyboarding is established.

His favorite activity seems to be the photo viewer. It’s so neat! You can blow air towards the microphone, and effects appear on the picture! For example, if the photo is a fish, bubbles will dance across the screen.

Learning Lodge

The Learning Lodge is where the MobiGo 2 really stands apart. By hooking up your MobiGo 2 to your computer via USB, you can download games and apps from the vast selection. There’s no eBooks available on the MobiGo 2 yet, but they’re in the works! I’m really looking forward to those. Most games are around $3, and when you purchase your MobiGo 2, you get 3 free downloads to get you started.

The Verdict

Overall, the MobiGo 2 is a fantastic product. Both my 3 and 5 year old kids love it, and I love that they’re learning! Just check out how chill Micah is while using the coloring game!

Yep. He’s totally in his underwear.

You can buy the Vtech MobiGo 2 on Amazon for $54.99.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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