Get Your Smartphone Pics Developed with Kicksend! Review & $20 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but I do the majority of my picture taking on my iPhone, with the exception of work-related photos. Everyday snapshots and pictures of my kids are usually done on my phone, simply because it’s the easiest and most accessible thing — I already have it in my purse!

If I want to get those photos developed, it would mean connecting my phone to my computer, uploading the pictures, then uploading them to Walgreens for processing. I have never in my life done this. It’s just too time consuming!

I was introduced to Kicksend, a really awesome photo sharing app, and I was excited to give it a try. The premise behind Kicksend is that it makes it easy to share a large amount of photos at once with friends and family, and you can also send a large amount of photos to Walgreens to be printed, straight from your phone.

Let’s give it a go!

Here’s the beginning of Kicksend. I just tapped the camera in the top right corner, and I was brought to …

My photo gallery! With a tap of each dot, I was able to select a photo for printing or sending.

Once I had selected all of the photos I wanted to print, I tapped the Walgreens “W” icon at the top.

Then, it prepared each photo. This only took about 3 minutes or so. Pretty good considering the resolution of each photo is pretty large!

By recognizing my current location, Kicksend populated a list of Walgreens stores that were near by, and I selected the Walgreens that I wanted to use. I hit next, and I was done.

It was seriously the easiest thing ever! I can see myself using this to send prints to my mother’s Walgreens in Texas so she can have hard copies of photos to show off at her office!

You can download the Kicksend app for free. Apple. Android. Be sure to like Kicksend on Facebook, as well! 

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  22. I actually have a windows phone, so I wonder if they even have this app. But, I often hook up and load the photos on to my computer, so I could get them developed the old fashioned way!

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