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So I gave you guys that awesome Weight Watchers daily food log printable, right? You loved it, you really loved it! (Hand me an Oscar, wont you?)

I figured I’d keep it up and give you guys this awesome fitness log! It’s totally free for you to print. All I ask is that you pin it to Pinterest, please :). Just click the button below:

Click here for the printable PDF!

Are you ready to start losing weight? Let me show you how to follow the Weight Watchers program for free! I have online calculators, food lists, and more!

Want more weight loss freebies? Here ya go! You can read all of my weight loss posts here. Be sure to follow my weight loss board on Pinterest — I post TONS of great finds just like this one!

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  1. Cathy says

    I saw you on pininterest and started following you. I am so inspired by you. I am 62 yrs old with BP, Cholesterol, Thyroid and Gallbladder problems. I just cannot seem to lose weight…and I am not one to stick to a program. I think I have a mental block or something. Anyways, I am 210 lbs and my dr. tells me that I have to get below the 200 mark for my health. So, any hints or motivation you can give me would be appreciated. To be honest, I hate exercise but I’m not lazy!! I am very interest in following the WW’s plan. Hopefully, I can download your calculator, etc. Thanks for posting!!

    • says

      Hey Cathy! You can so do it. There really is no secret to weight loss — eat better, move more — and I will be the first to say that it’s about 99% mental. You’ve got to be determined! Best of luck, and thanks for following along!

  2. Christine says

    I’m so happy that I found your blog! A good friend of mine has just joined WW and wanted me to join with her, but I just can’t afford it right now especially with Christmas just around the corner and kids to shop for. So I was so happy to find your tools for doing it for free!

    I have to explore your blog a bit more, but for now I have one question regarding activity points on the WW plan. I love to exercise and work out almost every day. In my friend’s little book that she got when she signed up, there were pages where based on the amount of time you exercise and at different intensity levels you could earn “activity points”. So how do you use these points? Does earning activity points mean that your allowable point value changes each day? I also purchased the WW calculator to track my points, but there is no way to track or use activity points using the calculator.

    • says

      Hi Christine! My understanding is that you *can* use those earned activity points for more food. But I’d advise you to be smart with it :). Good luck!

  3. Lori Matweeff says

    This could not have come at a better time for me. I am turning 45 in April and weigh 181lbs. My average weight is 130.00. I was diagnosed by my doctor of entering menopause at the age of 43. I was not scurting the outside of menopause but deep in the mist of it. In 1 year I have gained 50lbs. I am disgusted at my appearance. I hate being me right now. I purchased a good pair of running shoes ($110.00), running clothes, etc and decided I was going to begin by walking and follow the 12 week plan to being a runner. I don’t know if the fact that I am a full time college student has an effect on my current status, but I have NO internal drive to get going. It is cold here and I keep saying “tomorrow, tomorrow”, but tomorrow comes and I still do nothing. I have been encouraged to use weight watchers, but as a college student funds are very limited. I am so excited about your blog. You make it all seem so simple. I will be sure to touch base with you every 2 weeks to let you know my progress. This is so good!!!! I am actually thinking that I can do this. The one habit that I have not been able to shake for 25 years is soda. I am from the south and Dr. Pepper is my morning “java”. Do you have any idea how to cut that out. I was drinking a 6 pack a day but I am now down to just 2 a day. I know that water is a must when it comes to losing weight, I just want to add some lime and sugar to it. Any ideas would be appreciated. I will begin this program tomorrow. NOT on new year’s day, but on a Monday, it doesn’t matter which year I do it in.

    • says

      You can do it! If you need to, add Crystal Light to your water to start. You’ll eventually get to the point where regular Dr. Pepper tastes way too sweet! I gag if I accidentally sip regular soda. Bleh! Good luck :).

  4. Faye says

    Ashley I sent you a message by clicking “contact”… but I’m not sure I did it right .. so here I am. 62 and at an all time high in my weight. :(
    I found on your site and discovered from the calculator, that I am allowed 26 points daily. However, I can’t locate the “food list with their point values” from which to choose those points. Also I can’t locate my daily allotments of (fruit, veggies, fat, proteins etc”. Please advise Asley

    Thank you …. thank you for helping those of us, who cannot afford the meetings.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

    • says

      Hey Faye! I apologize if I missed your email — I get hundreds a day :(. To find the point plus value for foods, use this calculator:

      If you have foods without nutrition labels like say, an apple, I would always just google something like “point value for an apple” and I could usually find my answer! As for the daily allotments, all you need are your points! The fat, protein, etc all get factored in to the calculation of point values. Best of luck, Faye!

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