Nutrisystem Week 12: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! #NSNation

This week was a little different for us. On Friday evening, all five of us hopped on a plane and headed to Texas to see my family. I was really, really nervous to go on vacation, because I knew that with five humans to pack for, we wouldn’t have room for all of our stuff AND Nutrisystem. I’ve talked about how well Andrew does with Nutrisystem and traveling before, so I know it can be done — but with three kids 5 and under and only two carry on bags, I knew that I would have to rely on my day off guide during this trip!

Staying on track while traveling.

My amazing Nutrisystem rep, Meredith, also sent over some tips for staying on track while traveling that really helped! Here’s a few that really helped keep me on track:

  • When eating out, if the portion size is too big (protein sizes should be no more than 6 – 8 oz – about the size of your palm) immediately ask for a to go box and put half in the box before eating. That way you don’t overeat and have leftovers too!
  • Bring Nutrisystem with you — the pantry ready muffins, bars, snacks/desserts etc.  Even though you won’t be 100% on Nutrisystem, if you bring the items that can be packed, it will help you stay on track and not be as anxious.
  • Sit down prior to vacation to choose restaurants to eat out at that have a variety of foods to choose from and that give you healthy options. Just be honest with your travel buddies that even though you are excited about the trip and can’t wait, you still want to stay on track with the program. 
It actually wasn’t too hard to stay on plan, even when I wasn’t eating Nutrisystem foods. Since Andrew and I have been on the Success Plan for 12 weeks now, we know what a correct portion size looks like, and even more importantly, we’ve learned to listen to our body cues. We don’t eat until we’re stuffed — we just ate until we were satisfied!
I will say that I had WAY too much diet soda, but never more than my allotted 3 extras per day. I just never really have soda any more, so my body was kind of ticked off at me for that!


Finally… pictures I wont delete!

While I was at my parents’ house, I figured I’d send all of the photos they had taken over the week to the corner Walgreens for them. I was flipping through their camera, and I was just so happy that I’d started this new stage of my life. Three months ago, I deleted more pictures than I kept, and I would avoid the camera at all costs. Now I was gleefully looking at our newly created memories, and I loved what I saw. I didn’t feel the need to delete photos, and I didn’t think twice about posing for full body pictures, either!

The Weigh In

I was a bundle of nerves this morning for my weigh in. I hadn’t really weighed myself at all in Texas, and I knew that it wouldn’t be 100% accurate since it wasn’t the scale that I use each week. But I hopped on this morning preparing to face the music, and O.M.G. I LOST WEIGHT ON VACATION, Y’ALL. I weighed in at 181.6 pounds, which is down .8 pounds from last week! I know it’s not a huge loss, but it’s not a gain! Wow! This brings my total weight loss to 25.8 pounds in 12 weeks. 

Andrew didn’t have a loss or a gain this week, keeping his total loss at 25 pounds in 12 weeks. Still absolutely incredible! I’m expecting our next month of food to arrive today or tomorrow, and that’s always exciting and re-energizes us.

New Short Term Goal

Remember how I said in my last video update that I wanted to be in the 170s by the time I went to Texas? Well, as you can see from my weigh in, I didn’t quite make it — but I was darn close! So now I’m shooting for 175 by Thanksgiving! That’s 6 weeks away, and 6.6 pounds to go. I can do it!

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  1. Holly Baker says

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I have read all your posts. I am going to sign up… as soon as the paycheck comes on Friday. Thanks for posting about your weight loss. I love going for a bike ride. I am excited with the cooler weather here in Oklahoma, so I can take my kiddos to the park/trail. My 6 and 1 year olds LOVE the activity we get. I look forward to your continuued success! Keep up the great work!!!

    • says

      Holly, that makes me so happy! I’m so glad you’re joining Nutrisystem. I really, truly love the program. As I’ve said in my posts, it’s as easy as weight loss can be. It’s not a cake walk (lol, cake!), but it’s definitely the best program for me.

      We’re enjoying cooler weather, too! It’s so nice to go for a walk or run and not be drenched in sweat. Keep me posted on your journey!

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