Nutrisystem Week 13: I Love Losing! + VIDEO UPDATE!

The girls in uniform come a-knockin’ every spring. You can’t resist their sweet smiles and pleas for you to buy their delicious cookies. You give in, buy them, eat five boxes, and have immense regret.

No longer, my friend. No more. Each month when I order my pantry meals for the month, my desserts are about 85% Thin Mint Crisp Bars, because they taste EXACTLY LIKE Girl Scout thin mints!

This week. Ohhh this week has been a little cray cray. First, the inevitable happened. We all got sick. I knew that being trapped in an airplane breathing recycled air was going to be an illness waiting to happen, and I was right. Boogers. Lots of them. Gross.

Aside from being sick, I’ve had a pretty great week! The weather is GORGEOUS here in Arizona, and we have been taking full advantage of it. I walked 3.54 miles on Saturday, and it was so nice! It was a fun change of pace (literally) from running, and I’m definitely going to do it again some time this week (if I can breathe). Here are my stats for the walk. Emma came along and rode her bike with me for the first mile :).

Emma has been on fall break all week (Lord help me), and I’ve been doing my best to keep us busy while she’s home. I’ve forgotten how much work 3 kids is! I’ve got my hands full, for sure.

Oh, and guess what, yo? IT’S VIDEO UPDATE TIME! (Yes, I totally filmed this in my daughter’s nursery. You gotta do what you gotta do to find a quiet room!)

The Weigh In

This week, I lost a solid 2 pounds, bringing my weight to 179.6 pounds! That makes my total to 27.8 pounds!

Andrew lost 1 pound this week, bringing his total to 27 pounds! Awesome!

As always, you can check out all of my weight loss related posts here.

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    Wow that weight loss is inspirational! I’m a fellow Nutrisystem blogger and struggling quite a bit with my weight loss, I’m loosing but it’s been slower than I would have liked. 12.9lbs in 11 weeks.

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      Hey Beth! I’m going to make sure to check out your NSNation posts! Thanks for the kind words! and don’t be discouraged — 12.9 pounds is nothing to thumb your nose at! Keep it up :).

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