Nutrisystem Week 14: Learning How to Cope Without Food #NSNation

I tried a new food this week! I received the Nutrisystem Chef’s Table™ Cavatelli with Broccoli Pesto and LOVED it. I am a pesto maniac. I could eat pasta and pesto all the live long day if you let me. This was perfect with a whole wheat roll as my SmartCarb, and some extra fresh broccoli thrown in for some of my daily veggies!

This week was the epitome of roller coasters. Saturday marked my 25th birthday, and I was hosting an event at a local Babies R Us for Graco. That morning,  I got really devastating news. My heart was so heavy, and I knew that I had to really put on my game face for the day.

I made it through the event, and it was a great success. I got back into my car to head home and just finally had a good cry. I was so upset and brokenhearted for my dear friend, and I felt helpless. I walked in the door of my home to three babies and a husband that love me, and a birthday cake. We downed our slices instantly. Then we went out to dinner for my birthday. I picked Texas Roadhouse — you know the place. Rolls of the Gods. Steak. Starchy food.

I ate like a pig.

I regretted nothing.

That might be a tiny lie. I enjoyed it, and I was so emotionally raw that I turned to food to numb myself, as I have in the past. The difference is this — I ate things that I would have never eaten on a normal day, enjoyed them, let myself FEEL, and then I regained control. I think that it is so hard to stay on track when you feel like you are so crippled with difficult emotions — that’s probably why most people are overweight. They turn to food to make their pain go away.

I’m still having a hard time, emotionally, but I have gotten myself under control when it comes to food. I was 100% on plan yesterday and today. A year ago, I would be drowning myself in fast food, cakes, pies, candy, soda — anything I could get my hands on.

This is why weight loss is hard. Food is our addiction, and our crutch.

I haven’t gone running in a week, and I know that the first step out of the door will be the hardest, but I will feel so much better once I get some endorphins pumping through my body. I’ve been so busy with work, too, and it’s been difficult to get out there and exercise. It doesn’t help that by the time Andrew gets home and we are all fed, it’s nearly dark outside. I hate that part about fall/winter!

I am resolving to do my absolute best when it comes to my heart and my food intake. I have the absolute best friends in the entire world, and we are all banding together to help each other pull through.

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 178.8 pounds, which is a 0.8 pound loss for the week! That brings my total to 28.6 pounds!

Andrew weighed in with a 1 pound loss for the week, bringing his total to 28 pounds! 

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