Nutrisystem Week 15: Amped Up and Ready

Happy Halloween, m’dears! It’s that lovely day of year where you get to see your kids dressed up as princesses and super heroes, and then you trick or treat, and they bring home tens of pounds of temptation.

Woo hoo!

Haha! I’m kidding, mostly. I do love Halloween so much. It’s going to be so hard to stay away from the fun sized candy that will linger around my house for weeks. We bought 16 (!!) bags of candy to hand out tonight. All I have to say is that this neighborhood better have some hungry trick or treaters so that none of these Reese’s or Butterfingers are left over!

It’s bigger than it looks — the bag is STUFFED with candy to hand out tonight! I can’t wait to see all of the cute costumes that head up to our front door.

This is my time.

This week, I have really recommitted myself to the Nutrisystem plan. I mentioned last week that I’ve been struggling a little bit lately due to my birthday splurging and dealing with sad news. I am really laying it all on the line — this is the opportunity that I have begged for, longed for. I have all of the tools I need to really see myself through the rest of my weight loss. I’ve got about 35 pounds to go until I’m comfortable with my weight. There’s seriously no reason for me to start slowing down. Do I slow down when I’m within a tenth of a mile of finishing a run? No! I power through, and I finish strong. So why on Earth would I lose momentum now? I’ve done an amazing job so far (if I do say so myself!) and I’m not going to give up. Nope.

Each day when I go pick up Emma from school (she goes half a day), I make myself my protein shake for the drive. It’s a little treat that I get to look forward to. It keeps me from wanting to hit up the Starbucks drive through for a midday sweet treat, and it fills me up long enough to get through the carpool lines and arriving home to fix lunches.

Andrew has started working from home a lot more, so while he’s not travelling (he takes his Nutrisystem with him!), he’s able to use his lunch break to come with me to pick up Emma. He came with me one day, and the camera was still in the car from Emma’s literature parade day. He snapped this glamour shot of me driving. Stunning, I know.

There I am! Chocolate protein shake in hand! I am seriously so hooked on the chocolate and coffee shakes. My Nutrisystem rep, Meredith, even gave me a pro tip: add a splash of fat free chocolate syrup to the coffee shake to have a mocha shake. Who needs Starbucks (aka sugar in a cup) when you’ve got this?!

Get me some pom poms, yo.

I know this update is kind of a giant pep rally, but sometimes you just need that. There is NOTHING easy about weight loss. Not a single bit of it. For a food addict, there’s nothing harder than making the right choice at every single meal. I’ve always said that being a food addict is so difficult because junk food isn’t illegal — in fact, it’s up in your face, 24/7. No one will threaten to send you to jail if you eat half a chocolate cake. No one will tell you to choose between the food or your family. You can’t quit food cold turkey. But the trick is learning how to stop eating to live, not living to eat. It’s hard, there’s no doubt. But I’m doing it. You can, too.

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 178.2 pounds, a .6 pound loss for the week! Slow and steady wins the race, right? I wont lie, though — I am so ready to see those 2 or 3 pound losses again! This brings my total weight loss to 29.2 pounds! So close to that 30 pound mark! Hopefully I hit it next week!

This week, Andrew weighed in without a loss or gain. He’s holding firm at a 28 pound loss. It’s like we’ve both hit a plateau. Well, you’ll see who wins, you stupid plateau. We will!

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