Bring the Playground Home! SpiroBouncer Spinning Teeter Totter #Review and #Giveaway

I’m thankful that I live in an area where winter means we can step outside without coats and hats — I did my time in the snowy Midwest, and winter would seriously give me anxiety. What could I do with these three kids to help them burn energy and combat cabin fever? We could go outside, sure, but it took a solid 30 minutes to get all three bundled up, and we would last about 30 minutes outside before we were just miserable.

One Step Ahead has the most innovative and practical toys, baby essentials, gear, safety items, and more! They have a remarkably huge selection of pretty much any baby or kid-related item you’ll need or want!

I was browsing the One Step Ahead website, and I saw a toy that I knew my kids would absolutely go berserk over. There’s days where I’m just incredibly busy — either working, or keeping the house in a semi-acceptable state. We hit up the park most days, but when we can’t make it out to the playground, now we have this bad boy:

That, my friends, is the SpiroBouncer. It’s a cross between a see saw and a merry go round, I suppose. Not only can your kids go up and down like a see saw, but they can spin a full 360 degrees around!

Kid friendly fun!

The SpiroBouncer has a lot of great features that are important to me. My initial concern was stability — how can this stay put while two kids are boppin’ around? To keep it stable, you fill the base of the structure with sand. Perfect! The SpiroBouncer is daycare quality. It will stand up to heavy play, and it’s a surface that I can easily wipe down with sanitizing wipes. So that settles my two main issues of safety and cleanliness.

The SpiroBouncer is designed for children up to 55 pounds (in each seat). That means my 5 year old can play, too! Her legs are a little long, but it’s cute to see her have a little bit more control while she spins around with my 18 month old who wouldn’t be able to use it otherwise.

Want more info? Here’s some specifics:

  • Made of weather-resistant polypropylene, HDPE, ABS, and PVC
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor fun
  • Fill the base with sand for stability; sand funnel included
  • Needle pump included
  • Seesaw measures 45″L x 10″W x 17½”H, with 7″ diameter seats and 8¾”L handles. The distance between kids is 34½”.

I love that it is an indoor or outdoor toy! I certainly wouldn’t use it outside on our desertscape rock back yard, but it would hold up beautifully on grass! I plan to keep ours in our carpeted playroom. This will be easier on the bouncy balls and help keep kids from getting hurt if they get bucked off ;).

I will say that assembly isn’t so much difficult as it is involved. The directions are very clear, and they provide you with everything you’ll need (aside from sand), so they’ve made it as easy as possible! It will probably take you about 15-20 minutes to set up, but once you do, you’re good to go! You wouldn’t want to take it down and put it up constantly, but it can push up against a wall when out of use and be mostly out of the way.

Buy it!

You can pick up a SpiroBouncer from One Step Ahead for $89.95. Right now, they have a deal on FREE SHIPPING on orders $85+ when you use the code SHIP85.

Win it!

One lucky Freckleberry Finds reader will win a SpiroBouncer from One Step Ahead! Ends 12/21. Open to US.
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