Holiday Designs with the Cricut Mini // Review and Giveaway

I wish I could say that I am a crafty gal. I can bake a little, I can DIY a little, but I don’t have a ton of skills when it comes to paper crafting. I would love to be able to handcraft cards, invitations, banners, and the like, but I just didn’t have the skills necessary to do it!

…until I met the Cricut Mini™! Don’t let the ‘mini’ fool you — this machine can crank out some amazing designs! The best part is that it’s totally user-friendly, even for the DIY-impaired like me!

How the Cricut Mini works

I’m not going to lie — I was leery of the Cricut. It looked simple enough, but like I’ve said, I am no Martha Stewart. I opened up my Cricut box and was so happy to find a welcome packet that had the easiest step-by-step cards that walk you through the entire process!

It literally breaks it down so even could navigate the Cricut Mini! Basically, the Cricut Mini attaches to your computer via a USB cable, and you create your designs in the Cricut Craft Room™, a program that you download on to your computer. It’s beyond simple, and I think that even my mom could figure out how to get up and running!

My Test Project

The Welcome booklet also comes with a few sheets of cardstock paper so that you can do a quick little project to get familiar with the Cricut Mini. Here’s what my screen looked like while I was in the Cricut Craft Room creating my simple thank you card craft:

The red space indicates what will be cut, and you can place it wherever you’d like on the grid, which represents your paper. The Cricut Mini system comes with a plastic sheet that has a grabby texture that grips your cardstock. Once you affix your paper to the plastic sheet, you feed your paper in to the Cricut Mini and press cut! It’s truly the easiest thing ever.

See how it’s a grabby surface? I pulled the card up, and the letter cut outs stayed behind :). 

Here’s my finished product:

Even with this being my first time ever using the Cricut Mini, this took me all of 5 minutes to create. So cute! You can purchase a huge collection of designs and patterns from the Cricut Shop, and now, they even offer rentals for a discounted rate! So if you don’t want to purchase a Christmas themed set of designs, you can rent them!

Holiday Bundles and Deals from Cricut

Holiday Rental Bundles are available for purchase until December 31 and consumers can choose between two 60-day rental options. The Holiday Basics Rental Bundle is available for $19.99 and enables users to rent more than 700 digital winter images found in the Cricut Craft Room including Christmas Cheer, Joys of the Season, Snow Friends, Very Merry Tags and more.

For $29.99 users can purchase the Holiday Deluxe Rental Bundle which grants access to those images, plus nearly 500 additional images including Teresa Collins image sets, Holiday Cards, Ornaments and many more images.

Check out what you can create with the Holiday Rental Bundles:

Buy it!

Right now, you can pick up a Cricut Mini AND a holiday bundle of 1200 images for $99.99!

Win it!

One lucky Freckleberry Finds reader will take home a Cricut Mini! Open worldwide. Ends 12/11.
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  1. carly dunavant says


  2. says

    I actually wouldn’t make anything, my sister and I are very close and she is very craft but doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on supplies. I would gift this to her. I can only imagine the things she would make.

  3. Leslie Galloway says

    I’d love to make Christmas decorations… like a banner for the mantle, and maybe some NOEL cupcake toppers. So much fun!

  4. Genie davy says

    I love scrapbooking, so it would help greatly with that! Plus I am interested in making little decorations and fun messages and pictures. Thank you for this raffle opportunity!!

  5. Margaret Smith says

    I would love this for mostly scrapbooking, but I also love the house and figure scene and would love to try to make that. Thanks so much.

  6. Janet says

    I use my friends when my kids have projects from school a lot so I really could use one of my own and I also go to her house for scrapbooking and it makes it so easy to get it done fast love it would love to win Thanks for the chance.

  7. Gina Torrey says

    I have a good friend who has a full size Cricut, and lets me use it any time, however it would be nice to have the mini at home to use in an instant for Christmas/birthdays/showers and the scrapbooking I promised I would get to whenever my kiddos grew up! lol

  8. Paul T/Pauline T says

    letter stencils for my kid’s room —– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  9. Becky Worthman says

    Well I scrap, but I’ve got great ideas for holiday ornaments (gifts and decorations for our tree) that this would be perfect for!

  10. Lisa Neely says

    I would use the cricut mini for cards and scrapbook pages. Thank you for wonderful review on this. You did a marvelous job and I’m looking forward to either winning it (which would be cool) or purchasing it in the future.

  11. Julie G. says

    I wouldn’t make anything with the Cricut Mini. I’d give it to my daughter, she’s the creative one in the family.

  12. Elizabeth A Bailey says

    I can think of tons of things… I love to scrapbook… but first I think I’d start with christmas cards.

  13. Danielle Porter says

    There are so many options with it! I would probably be on Pinterist all day finding new things to make with it! But I would probably start by making cards and letters. I love sending people mail. ;-)

  14. Stephanie says

    I would make everything! Stickers, ornaments, scrapbooks, christmas cards, birthday cards, birthday invitations, shower invitations, everything! However, if I win, I would gift this to my mother-in-law.

  15. stephanie64030 says

    What wouldn’t I make with this?! Lol, I’ve been wanting one of these for so long. I’d love to make greeting cards, party decorations, scrapbook things. There’s sooo many things you would be able to do with this!

  16. kimberly holgate says

    i do paintings and i love to use layer designs on them one piece of painted paper ontop of another but my hand cutting skills are lacking would make that easier

  17. says

    I make cards to give my family and friends and i like to make them as personal and special as possible. I also love making paper crafts:) This cricut will help greatly in my crafts since i don’t have to spend hours drawing designs on paper and cut them painstakingly with scissors:( i have entered rafflecopter as Ann H

  18. Kristy Paynter says

    I would make a lot of things from gift tags to cards to scrapbooking my boys’ books. awesome! Thank you.

  19. Allison J says

    I just started scrapbooking so this would be a major help with that!! I also love to make all decorations, invitations, etc for my daughter’s birthday parties!

  20. Vera says

    I’d use it for scrapbooking, greeting cards, holiday decorations, anything just because! I’d probably search for things on Pinterest to make too.

  21. Sheri says

    This machine is awesome! I would make decorations that my students can bedazzle and give to their parents as holiday gifts.

  22. Tracy Allen says

    I’m very drawn to the pleated Christmas tree in your photo – but really I’m looking for a way to make all kinds of things from the beautiful papers I see in the craft stores.

  23. cassandra says

    I would give it to my sister because she is super crafty and me not so much. It would be a wonderful christmas gift! thankss
    fb: Rab pom


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