How To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

So you did it. You sheared off your lovely locks, and now you’re over it. Time to grow it out. But how? Fear not. I’ve foraged the trail. Just follow along.

Here’s my hair before I chopped it off. I could cry looking at this picture. Look at how long it was!

March 14

We had just moved to Arizona, and I was dealing with a huge life change — so one day while my sister was here visiting, I made the appointment and just DID IT.

There it goes. I went in to the salon, and the stylist asked what we were doing. I said, “Cut it all off.” She didn’t think I was serious. Welp, she cut it!

April 5

Just under a month into my pixie, I think I’d kind of had it. I enjoyed the ease, but I wasn’t enjoying the monotony of only having one possible style. So, I dyed it brown, my natural color. I hadn’t trimmed it at all at this point — this is pure growth.

June 25

Then, you enter the dreaded Beiber stage. You’ve got a bowl cut, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Keep the back trimmed to avoid a mullet, and distract with fun earrings or hair accessories.

Ugh. So Beiber.

July 25

You can kind of see the back filling in a bit more in this shot. I rocked (and still rock) the heck out of a pompadour to keep the longer bangs out of my face. Easiest thing ever! But I am constantly in search of two bobby pins. Why do those things always disappear?

August 5

 Can you tell I’m getting bored with my hair at this point? I dye it blonde. You can see that I’m keeping it trimmed in back, and it’s kind of shaping in to an a-line of sorts.

October 13

This is where I am now. It kind of looks like I actually meant for this cut to happen! I’m still growing, so hopefully I’ll have enough to pull into a pony tail…someday.

So overall, it took about 7 months to go from super short pixie to chin length a-line cut. I never thought I would get here, but I did! Keep the faith. Trim it when needed, and just be patient.


  1. says

    You have gorgeous hair & it looks great on you, long & short!! I currently have a very, very short pixie cut & I do love it, but I just cant grow it out. My hair grows slow & I just cant get through the ick phase. I always give in & cut away. Thankfully, I get compliments on my short hair & my husband thinks I look weird & not at all like myself with longer hair, he loves it super short, so I think of the positives like that when I am sad I will probably never have long hair again. Even though my hair is short, I can grow out the bangs a bit or cut them shorter for a different look, have it curly or straight, spiky or soft, I also experiment with headbands. I try to keep it fresh, fun, edgy whatever my mood or style is for the day.

    • Heidi says

      I am SO with you on this! I CANNOT grow it out AT ALL–the icky stage is more than I can take! I realize I look good in a pixie, but hate it (and my kids say negative things about women with hair this short–LOL!). But I get sad, too–I can not really have long hair. It is so fine, so thin–and when it is long, if I don’t put it back in a clip or something, it just hangs limply. :*(

      I would say the phrase that has slipped from my mouth more than any other in my lifetime is, “I hate my hair!”.

  2. says

    Love the pixie cut on you, but I totally understand the whole bored with the hairstyle thing… I’m bad, I only get my hair cut once or twice a year and it’s been a long time since I went as short as a pixie cut – just doesn’t suit my round face… good luck getting it to where you want it!

  3. says

    I love this post! Such a great idea and so many girls (including myself) know what you are going through- I am at chin length in the front and shorter in the back and have had the same cut for two years. Partly because I love it but also because I hate growing my hair out! I think after many trims I am finally able to let it go and just grow at this point. Maybe in 6 months I will be at a longer bob which is fine with me. Happy hair growing!!!!

  4. Shannon says

    I had to cut my hair due to a terrible bleaching accident– and ended up going through basically the same stages! Make sure you’re taking Biotin and prenatal vitamins to keep the growth speedy! Good luck, girl! Loved the post!

  5. says

    I guess my story is the opposite of yours! Both of my 20 something kids donated their hair to Pantene Beautiful this year so I decided I would too. I haven’t had my hair cut for about 10 months but it is still only about 9 inches long. Pantene will take 8 inches but then I found out they don’t take dyed hair but Locks of Love does so I will continue to grow it out until I have enough to donate and some left for a decent cute short hairstyle like you got! :) PS. I like the blonde and the length of your hair now. Looks really cute!

    • says

      Thanks so much! It’s to my shoulders now, and I’m loving this length! I can even do a tiny pony tail. All of my wildest dreams have come true. That’s so amazing that you’re growing it out just to donate – awesome!

  6. karen says

    I have to say that the long hair makes your look tennagerish(if thats a word)LOL, the pixie cut makes you look very “mature” and the final look after 7 mths looks the best you don’t like like a kid nor too old. Love the pixie and final looks the best with your face structure.

  7. Karen Thomason RN says

    You are adorable in all three pics, I love the pixie… your freckles are adorable also… I could be your Grandmother and I have super curly hair and freckles…. Hated my hair until I went natural, now it is salt and pepper, (lots of salt) and I am growing it out after cutting all the dyed color off. I plan on growing it very long so that I can wear it up…. My husband loved my hair short, and it helped to keep it short, as during his sleep he would run his hands through my hair and sometimes get caught and pull… He passed away in 2010, and I miss those moments. But onward,,,, changing my life, changing my hairstyle… ps love that little cutie on your back, sweet smile…

  8. Letty says

    Thanks for posting your experince with your pixie haircut and growing it out. I am actually in the process of getting ready to take the step and cut it ina couple of months (I have 3 weddings to go to until April so I would like to have my hair done with the length I have right now). It is good to know it’s not such a horrible travesty after all. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  9. Emily says

    Did you do anything to make your hair grow, like use a certain kind of shampoo or take any specific vitamins? I’ve been growing out my pixie for three months and the only part that’s significantly gotten longer is the bangs. I started taking Biotin and that’s been helping.

    • says

      Hey Alexandra! I basically didn’t have it long enough to maintain the cut. I had it cut, then pretty much decided to grow it out. But I think monthly haircuts would be expected. and thanks, I love it blonde, too!

  10. says


    Help! I just got a pixie and your pics look awesome and II’m having a horrible time styling it! Can you recommend ANYTHING to help me look more like a girl and less like a shaggy dog?

  11. Holly says

    I can’t believe you grew it that long in 7 months!! My hair takes forevvvvvvvvvver to grow! I’ve got a kind of “Kate Plus 8” hair style – long in front and short/spiked in the back and I’ve decided to grow it back out. This is the second pixie cut grow out I’ve done in the last 7 years…….. you’d think I’d learn to stop chopping my hair off!

  12. carole says

    I have had a pixie cut for a very very long time and am trying to grow my hair out now too. your posts are very helpful!

    • Natasha Freeman says

      I too cut my hair, and I am border line depressed letting it grow out. I look way older and I don’t feel attractive at all letting this mop grow out.

  13. Kaye says

    Just a little “food for thought” for you wannabe pixie folks. I’m currently in the process of growing out my third short cut…what can I say, I get bored! lol Anyway, I suggest only getting it cut mid-way on your ear and tucking it, instead of cutting it over your ear. IMO, it makes it MUCH easier to grow out. I had it cut over my ears for my first pixie, and to me, that was by far the most aggravating part to grow out. GOOD LUCK!! :o)

  14. Rose says

    I actually avoided the bebier stage for the most part! I would just French braid back my bangs and tuck all but a tiny whips in frount of each ear back and walah it looked pretty cute and no avoiding pictures :)

  15. Sandra says

    It has been 5 months since my last haircut, also a pixie. Personally, the first months were so easy, but now I find it so hard to resist a visit to the hairdresser. I switch a lot between haircuts, so I’m pretty used to growing out short hair, but the pixiecut is the hardest one! Today I’m having a real bad hairday, soooo annoying :-) feels like I want to shave my head lol. Patience is NOT my middle name :-)

  16. Kendra says

    I had my hair in a long pixie cut but I’m pregnant so it grew faster. I trimmed it to maintain the cute cut, and the second time I trimmed the woman actually buzz cut my hair on a number seven, and cut the top in a faux hawk that’s 4 inches long. I’m PREGNANT. I can’t rock the fauxhawk. I need pretty hair so I can be a pretty pregnant woman. This happened last Sunday, and I’m devastated. I came home and cried on my husband. I have a rounder face so this looks terrible. I’m really struggling with myself now and looking up ways to get it longer faster because I’m due the 23rd of September and my shower is this weekend so theres no escaping pictures. I’m highly considering extensions. Keep this in mind when you ladies decide to do a pixie cut!!!!!!

  17. Mayra says

    I too had to cut my hair due to damage, I feel like I should’ve waited out growing out damage instead of chopping it off. I cut it off in July 2013. I’ve gone blond since October and just trim to clean it up. I plan to change to auburn in month or so. It’s January and it’s reaching the bottom of my ears. I want to have my hair close to my last length up to my waist (I had it past my bum). My now ex hated my short hair. But now that we arent together. I’ll feel less pressured to grow out quickly. I get really down missing my hair. I’m considering getting extensions but I don’t know if that will damage my hair. On the plus side I seem like 10 years younger. Thanks for this post it makes me feel like there’s hope. Your hair grew fast and the blond looks great!

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