Learning while you play on ABCmouse.com // Review & Membership Giveaway

I’ve seen the ABCmouse.com advertisements for months and months, and I’ve always wanted to check it out. Emma is an absolute computer whiz (well, for 5 years old, anyway!) and I really wanted to see how it stood apart from the children’s cable channel websites that she frequented.

I was not disappointed!

ABCmouse.com is for children ages 2-6, so it was perfect for our family — Emma (5) and Micah (3) would both get great use out of it now and in the future! There are over 450 lessons and 3000 learning activities for your child to do! With six different levels, ABCmouse.com truly grows with your child. Each of the six levels has four subjects: Reading, Math, World Around Us, and Art & Colors. Once your child completes a lesson, they are rewarded with a system of tickets and prizes. I am always hearing Emma yell out, “I GOT MORE TICKETS, MOM!!”

The major difference between other children’s sites and ABCmouse.com is a “pre-planned series of lessons”, the Step-by-Step Learning Path. Your child has structured curriculum that will change as they grow, and the next level will reinforce what the previous level taught. Smart!

The Classroom

The Classroom is the jumping off point, and it’s organized in a really kid-friendly way. Whenever you hover over an object, ABCmouse.com reads the object’s name aloud, so even kids who can’t read yet can find their way all on their own! By clicking the white board, you can navigate to the Learning Path that I mentioned above. Alternatively, you can choose any number of other activities to do — and your child can do an activity as many times as they’d like!

About Me

Here, your child can see how many tickets they have, check out their rooms (where they can place their rewards), spend their earned tickets, and keep tabs on your overall progress. I love that your child can design their own avatar, as well!

Parent Progress Checker

I love that I can check in on Emma’s progress and see how she’s coming along. On the green right hand sidebar, there’s a list of options that you can utilize to make a custom learning plan for your kids, or make simple changes to your account. You can also use this section to add another child to the account, each with their own Step-By-Step Learning Path.

Emma is over the moon with ABCmouse.com, and I love the site and everything it has to offer. I created an account for Micah today, and I can’t wait to let him give it a spin! I feel better about them using ABCmouse.com as opposed to websites that are more focused on character and television show branding than education.

Sign Up!

You can join the ABCmouse.com website for $7.95/month, or for $79.00, you can get a year-long subscription!

Win a Subscription!

One lucky Freckleberry Finds reader will win a year-long ABCmouse.com subscription! Open Worldwide. Ends 11/27.
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  1. says

    I use this program in addition to other homeschooling activities and WE LOVE IT! I have a 3 year old and 4 year old and they BOTH enjoy it. In fact, they ask daily if they can, “Do ABC Mouse?” I love that they lessons are pre-planned, so that I can go and print all of there “printable” activities, that go with their lessons, ahead of time. I really can’t say enough good things about ABC Mouse, and hope to win!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. JLin says

    I like how ABCmouse.com is a Step-by-Step Learning Path curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 450 lessons in six levels.

  3. Shannon says

    The first thing that struck me is that they found an iPad workaround!!!! That is huge for me. My computer is for work, so my daughter doesn’t get to play on it. I love the animations. This is very well done, looks like it will keep the attention of a preschooler. Heck, I want to play with it!

  4. Anne says

    We used their free trial offer and even if we cancelled before expiration they continued billing us and refused any refund. Very bad customer service and very dishonest approach to increasing their customer base.

    We originally cancelled because we found the lessons repetitive and boring. My 4 year old daughter was having more fun spending “virtual money” than learning anything. I am not interested in turning her into an avid consumer, so I prefer to chose other sites.

    After the terrible customer service experience, I realized that these people are not really serious about our kids. They just want to sell this to as many people as possible. Obviously the “virtual money” is a hook for kids. Who doesn’t like to buy and accumulate anything and everything he/she sees and likes?

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