Nutrisystem Week 16: In Yo’ FACE, Plateau! aaand a PROGRESS PHOTO! #NSNation

So how did you all do this Halloween? Is the candy all gone in your house? Hopefully you were strong and didn’t just plow through it! Instead of eating my kids’ candy, I took joy in my Nutrichocolates, which are similar to those melt in your mouth “smooches” (we all know what I’m talking about, right?!). On Halloween night, I ate one of my faves, the Thin Mint Crisp Bar. Oooh, it is so. good.

Remember how I had my pom poms out last week, and was getting pumped up for the weeks to come?

Well guess what, baby. I just kicked my plateau’s BUTT. I was pulling measly .5 pound losses for a while, but I got down to business and I powered through. I ate on plan, and when we weren’t eating Nutrisystem foods, I still ate within the Nutrisystem guidelines. And y’ know, by golly, I lost weight! It’s a happy reminder that weight loss, though not easy to do, isn’t rocket science. Eat less, move more!

Photo Update!

So I haven’t posted a side-by-side photo in a while, and after my weigh in this morning, I just had to. I had to! It’s amazing how you don’t really “see” the weight loss until you see a picture of yourself. It’s kind of like when I was heavier, I didn’t really *feel* that fat. But if I saw myself in a photo, it would hit me like a ton of bricks.

So, here I am, as of 30 minutes ago, ha!

The Weigh In

You read that right, my friends. I have lost OVER THIRTY POUNDS on Nutrisystem. 31.4 pounds, to be exact. This week, I lost 2.2 pounds. TAKE THAT, PLATEAU. Booyah.

Andrew is currently travelling on business and the hotel doesn’t have a scale in the fitness room. What the french, toast?! I jokingly told him to hop on the scale at the airport ticket counter, haha! We’ll get an update from him next week. He’s been doing well and eating fresh seafood in Portland, Oregon. Color me jealous!

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