Nutrisystem Week 17: 7 Mile Last-Chance Workout + Video Update! #NSNation

I’ve been favoring my pantry meals lately, but the other day I ventured back into my freezer to see what Nutrisystem meal I should have for dinner. I was so excited to see a package of Ravioli Formaggio hiding in the back! It’s one of my favorites, so I have no idea how I missed it before. It always feels like so much food! I put all of my food on to real plates, too, so that makes it feel a little bit fancier :).

Nutrisystem Ravioli FormaggioAccidently Awesome Last Chance Workout

Yesterday morning, I took Emma to school as usual, and when we got home, I could hear a hissing sound. After dismissing not-that-irrational thoughts of a snake being in my garage, I deduced that it was the front passenger tire going flat. UGH! Emma is only in school half a day, and so that left me with very little time to figure out how I would pick her up. Enterprise Rent-A-Car wasn’t able to pick me up until later afternoon, and Andrew has to commute in to work this week — he normally works from home, but he was an hour away yesterday. I literally know NO ONE here in my suburb, so I was pretty stranded. I couldn’t figure out how to get my spare out from underneath my Stow ‘n Go seating, so about an hour away from when I would need to pick up Emma, I decided that I would just walk. I loaded Micah and Maisy into our red wagon and off we went.

It was about a 3.2 mile walk to the school, which I knew I could do — no problem. I’ve never pulled a wagon that far, but I didn’t feel like it would be an insurmountable challenge. We made it to Emma’s school in about an hour, and got her in time for pick up! Heading back home, we took a different route that had a better sidewalk, and I just had to stop and take a photo of the foothills of the San Tan Mountains.

My kids and I seriously had the best time. All three of them could fit in the wagon, but at least one of the big kids walked at any given point in time. They’d trade off when they got tired, and we just … walked. We did 7 miles total (!!!), and when we were done, the kids all took a fantastic nap! I don’t know that I would do it again (with the wagon and kids), but the fact that I’ve walked 7 miles while pulling 50-90 pounds worth of kids, it made me feel like I could do anything! I can walk 7 MILES, GUYS. I never in my life would have thought I could do that. But I just did. I did! That was one heck of a last chance workout, know what I mean?

Video Update!

If you’ve been on a weight loss mission for a while, you know that the early days of rapid weight loss eventually wane, and the pounds come off a bit slower. I give you guys a few tips that help me stay on track once you’ve reached the slower stages of weight loss. I’m sorry my phone rang towards the end — I couldn’t edit this video for the life of me! Let’s just say it’s “reality”, ha!

The Weigh In

This week was big for me! Remember my short term goal of being 175 by Thanksgiving? I blew that out of the water, man. I weighed in at 174.4 this morning! That brings my total to 33 pounds. 

Andrew weighed in with a one pound loss for the week! That brings his total to 29 pounds!

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