Nutrisystem Week 18: Well that binge wasn’t pretty :(. #NSNation #spon

We got a new shipment of food in this week, and due to Hurricane Sandy causing outages and whatnot, I received a few different Nutrisystem items this month! I am eagerly awaiting the perfect moment to eat a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. O.M.G.
I. can’t. WAIT!

Going up in flames.

This week. Man. Let me just be real. It sucked the big one. I’ve been hormonal, but my food issues started out innocently enough. We’ve been really busy this week, and we were often out and about around meal times. First, we had Whataburger for lunch. I got a burger and fries — my first fast food in MONTHS. It was delicious. I decided that it was okay to have eaten it. After all, it was one meal, and I hadn’t had it in forever.

Two days later. We’re out and about around lunch time again. I get fast food, and eat a burger and fries. AGAIN. Oy. It was good, but now I’m starting to feel guilty and I KNOW I shouldn’t be eating this junk.

Then yesterday. I don’t know what the deal was. I ate a frozen Nutrisystem Cinnamon Roll (omg so good!), and all was well. Then lunch. I made the kids sausage and tortillas, and before I knew it, I’d eaten one, too. This was AFTER I’d already eaten my Nutrisystem Fudge Graham Bar and string cheese Power Fuel. Then it was like a snowball. I ate a huge peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that had been dipped in chocolate glaze.

I felt disgusting.

I had the worst stomach ache ever, and I know that it was because I just ate way too much. This was my first real binge since starting Nutrisystem. While I’m really proud that it’s been 18 weeks since a binge, I’m upset that it happened in the first place. I need to make sure I am able to recognize the signs of an oncoming binge and figure out what I need to do to stop it.

The Weigh In

I weighed in this morning at 173.8 pounds. That’s a loss of .2 pounds for the week. It’s definitely not the Thanksgiving cushion I was wanting :-/. All I can do is resolve to do better, and give it my all! So my total weight loss on Nutrisystem is 33.2 pounds.

Andrew lost 3 pounds this week, bringing his total to 32 pounds!!! Amazing!!! He’s doing so great, and I’m so proud of him! Remember when I broke through my plateau? He’s kicking it in the rear now, too!

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